lack of posts/request

i am ridiculously busy.

im sorry i rarely post.

i need music with no words so that when i am post-surgery, unable to sing along, i wont forget and try and wreck my voice.  so, will you recommend songs/make me a new cd?  thanks!



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3 responses to “lack of posts/request

  1. Hey fellow blogger! Found your link on FB… and read some posts while I had some downtime at work!! Good stuff. See ya soon.

    – Stefanie

  2. Sench

    Well, one of my favorites from a random band I found is “Adrianne” by Day of Fire. It’s a simple, yet kinda cool sounding melody. I’d also highly suggest Joe Satriani, as his stuff is amazing and almost all instrumental. Aside from that, jazz is always a decent choice.

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