for crying out not loud!

Today i woke up feeling worse throat-wise, and even a little scared. My throat wasnt supposed to hurt this much, and I’m not allowed to cough or clear my throat but can’t help it and do it anyways. Basically, I think my voice is doomed.

Also found out yesterday that the thing they took off wasn’t a polyp, but rather part of some weird virus that “likely returns” but can be treated with a laser next time. so i’m more down in the dumps today than you’d normally ever encounter in terms of Becca-relations.

other items of note:

a.) my room is a shambles. its so messy and i dont feel up to cleaning it at all.

b.) i emailed my professor about my hardest class ever. he is an amazing instructor, (if we were at a phd level) but gives us more intensive assignments per week than i’ve ever HEARD of. It’s a class way above my level in general and this surgery has made me think i’d like to try an “incomplete” and finish next quarter when i can fully participate.

the problem is: i already missed the entire jazz festival and all last weekend and other summer weekends because i was doing work for the course. it makes me not want to drop it now. i still feel better already after emailing him. but its humbling. quite humbling.

c.) im probably not getting a phd. not 100 percent sure, but likely not.

d.) my laptop charger died. bad bad timing.

e.) visit me?

I like vandamme cause theyre letting me work from home this week. and having office luncheons while im not around. how dare they have fun without me. 🙂


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