this week’s theme has been: 

a.) scrambled eggs.

b.) couch.

c.) wedding invitations for every weekend this summer (almost).

d.) check email.

e.) research/write/research/write/research/cite/watchoffice/research/email

f.) drink grapefruit soda

g.) worry my voice is not ok.

h.) wonder when people will get to hear my new voicemail.

i.) chat with people who have lives.

j.) not leave my house for anything.

h.) think about cleaning my room.

i.) watch hannah dance around about arthur coming on.

therefore this is not summer. it is “lie on the couch silently, work hard and go to other peoples weddings…” uh, season.

😦  i need to stop posting about my life until it is worth reading.



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2 responses to “themes

  1. ha ha ha attending other pple weddings …he he he ..when u start atending other people wedings ..yours start calling you …:)…..”C…oooo……mmeeee…..Hereeeeeeeee……ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaa ccccooommeeeeeeeeeeee “ Echos you know the horror movies …am kiding dont have nightmares

    lately i have been in many wedding cometeesss …here we give [money]alot but we consider it an investmnt ..when ur day comes they give to you[souds selfish way of giving ha ha ha ]

    ur voice will be fine …. 🙂 dont worry Gods under control
    farewell siz

  2. Mooney

    ur right, what a boring life you have. I am not gonna read any more of these until they are worth reading hahahaha…. jk

    keep ya head up girl

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