important update

for those of you following along at home, i have completed:

six essays.

50 something hours at my job.

1 group meeting in which everyone agreed to do stuff next week.

too much of my paper.

current state: 5000 words and 1/2 finished and no sources and due tomorrow.

i am locked up in a house where i am dogsitting.  i will not come out until i finish dogsitting or finish my paper, hopefully the latter since:

i am right near a big festival with live music in the adorable town of canandaguia (which spell check recommended i spell as Vivekananda’s)

i am near a lake in which to go swimming.

there is no coffee maker.

there is no air conditioning.

there are flies.

i left the door open for about 10 minutes ( i think) and invited in 300 families of flies.  i’ve never seen so many in my life. To my boss, who owns this beautiful house, if you ever read this, i am sorry.  today i killed over 200 flies.  their corpes lie dead around the house and other flies i just sprayed with stuff (febreeze, i think since theres no kill the fly spray.)  Turns out stuff (febreeze?) doesnt actually kill flies, it drives them to craziness.  Now the flies fly into me.  they zoom slowly around as i type and the dogs take turns putting their cute faces on my knee.  then the flys putter slowly, start spiraling down, then fly up, into me.  then they go to the window where they like to die.

let me explain further.  today i have not seen another person, except hannah, with whom i videochatted.  Isaac called from kenya, marc from VA, jason from Henrietta and dad tried to give me a pep talk about my paper.  i have a bad feeling about this one, and after all the work ive put into this course, it will kill me not to get an a in it in the end.

how work goes:

work. killflies. work work. kill flies.  at this point fly killing can be therepuedic (which, if spelled as poorly as i just tried to spell it, makes the spellchecker recommend the word “unpredictable” in its place.  then it recommends orthopedic, then therapeutic.  new goal:  to at least mispell words and have it recommend the correct one on top.).  Killing is therapeutic because the flies are not only sick and deranged and therefore easy to kill, but i’ve also switched from the spatula to the flip flop, which has a sort of fulfilling SMACK sound to it.  there’s more, but i need to get back to working again.  oh, i also watch episodes of the office when my brain is dead, no more than twice a day, and i pray.  and I call people to beg for help (no one wants to do it).  Until tomorrow at midnight, i still offer money to someone who can help me stay focused.  on the paper of course.

this is not an important update, i just wanted you to open the facebook note.



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2 responses to “important update

  1. Camille

    Becca- I’m loving your posts, namely this one and 15 July post. Keep on keepin’ on. Prayers are being sent up for you from S. Asia 😉

  2. hey dawta ..those are illie things ur encounterings …….whn i was in Campes i was damn busy …someone told I that ‘Jehovah interepts the schedule of a busy man’ …err woman in ur case ..and its nice to see how time will fly and whn u look back ur all smilez coz u have done s’ting
    b blessed dawta 🙂

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