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add princeton degree, cackle and stir. voila: chapter 55.

gotta say, theres a lot thats happened since my latest posting.  To sum up:

finished quarter.  A in my hardest class in history (meaning ever, not in the subject of history).  B in the easiest (since i didnt know how to get an A.)  5 weddings down–kudos to kirsten for walkin down the aisle to battlestar gallactica.  took han on a massive sis date that involved friendlys, a mall, barnes and noble and our new book i bought us (it’s about a mouse that’s dysfunctional).  I bought us matching pandas we’ve now named ping and pong, so pong sleeps in my bed (he has a protrusion from his head and ping has a dent, so we call them pimple and dimple too.)  I’ve also had the biggest disappointment of the summer: what was to be the highlight turned sour as not one, but TWO friends from kenya cancelled on me while i was awaiting their arrival from NYC. 😦  my one weekend getaway this summer to NYC with jeanette/jackie = killed.

This was sent in an email to Steve, my recent pal in kenya.  Check out his site–i wrote this much though exhausted because he fully appreciates my emails.  i posted it here afterwards because im too tired to write an actual post.
Just got back from my first big trip to train/configure software for clients in manhattan.  oh. my. gosh.

I have the best story but its SO MUCH better in person.  oh, i dont care.  i’ll tell you it.  Just…youll have to make due without the yale cackle, which i have perfected now.

so.  I was staying at the YALE club and bookin it daily to <<unnamed sport’s>>> headquarters (client = american “sport” association) for training/requirements reviews/whathaveyou.  I found out a day before i left that i’d need to go and i had no idea at all as to what they needed, what had already been asked, which good questions needed to be asked, and how to train on software that sometimes explodes randomly.

So they smelled my fear, saw right through me and did the “what the heck is she talking about face” for the entire first day.  I truly thought the ceo’s face would stick that way (or maybe it was previously?)  Two guys were my age, a bit older, princeton grads, <<<that sport again>>> pros.  They would look at each other and laugh and make comments at how red my face was after the software exploded.


the second day i was much better, downright professional/effective.  They asked me to please stay an extra night at the yale club (already had booked 3 nights) and we changed my ticket to fly back same time NEXT day.  Then my coworker left.  And i wandered the streets of manhattan, bought a raisin bran muffin and watched the olympics in my room.

SO the third day i trained bill all morning, who was quick, witty and sarcastic, but easy to keep up with and get along with.  the MEAN my age guy (who has been there 1 week and thinks he is attractive) walked in complaining about some jerk who made him late by jumping in front of a train and inconveniencing him.  10 minutes late cause some dude couldnt wait until after rush hour to jump…(and i started to realize the mean <spporttttt> player’s devilish nature.)

Somehow during training it was discovered that i’d been homeschooled (this is important later.  it should be noted that any time this is discovered, something bad immediately follows.)  We wrapped up, i did more work, documented our needed questions/answers and began to simply punch in the configurations id gathered.  THEN the attractive guy and the MEAN AND EVIL princeton guy had this conversation over lunch, after bill informed them of my homeschool status.

:::::::::::YALE CACKLE:::::::::::::: (like this: “uuuoooahahaha!  UUOUHA.  uouuuahaha!”)

Evil one: That explains so much!
Cute one: SERIOUSLY.
Cute one: yes. we were!  YALE CACKLE. ouhaaha.
Cute one: like her lack of social skills?
EVIL ONE: :::looks at me with a nasty smirk::::::”like her total lapses of any type of social ability.”

now, they’re totally not ALL.  and i sat there with my jaw dropped in amazement at their meanness and wondered if they call other people to work for them and fix issues (electricians, plumbers) and verbally abuse these people too.  I had lots of zingers up my sleeve, but they were paying my company too much for me to say anything to em, besides, Jesus made rules about those sorts of zings.

the story continues, but that will always be my favorite part.  The not-kiddingness can not be overemphasized. it was amazing. I now thank them for improving what will someday be a book about my experiences.  there really are people like that in the world today.  unfortunately, i also listened into a staff meeting that involved the words plaque and spa at least 100 times, no action items, no one “owning” tasks, and all around the most inefficient process ive ever experienced.  I actually pity their organization.  i pity me too. 61 hrs  = crazy.

uh, remind me to tell you the story of dragging my duffel bag and laptop through the streets, 3 trains, 1 “almost couldnt hail a taxi at all” bangladehian cab, 2 more trains and shuttles of NY to get to my flight 10 minutes before blasting off.  it was hot and ridiculous.

p.s. I wrote an email to those staff explaining how to change host files/log in to citrix/get into the new environment for the information we configured and sent it to them with “It was nice working with some of you.” tacked on the end.  Bill liked it.



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do people still die of exhaustion or was it only an issue for early pioneers who resided in my 89 macintosh and existed specifically so i could have fun playing with them on oregon trail?

anyway it is finished.  swimming upwards now.  trying not to get the bends and hopefully resurfacing by mid november.

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ive made a terrible mistake.

i decided tonight i would get regular coffee.  not decaf ( my normal leaf and bean beverage of choice after 5PM.)

i thought it would help me.  Now all i can do is giggle and stay awake and not work.  i plan on wasting the next 3 hours of my life.  this means i finally get to blog.  Note: i do not want to waste time, but i simply understand that i likely won’t do anything productive again tonight. I’m not sure if the issue is caffeine at night or if the issue is that i’ve been working since 8AM (its 10:24PM) with a break for mom’s dinner she made (God bless her for her grilled chicken and for fresh peaches, which saved me from a hot pocket before i began my hw.)

that was long.  time for an update.

Work, as you know, has offered me an extra 1000 dollar bonus if i can just work 36 billable hours every week til end of september.  Problem is, many things i do at work (such as meetings/emails/documentation) are not billable.  So i’ve been working 36 billable hours a week but a total of 55 hours a week. Last week I even traveled to albany to meet with a client for a few days.  i felt grown up and watched cosby (my normal plan when i get a hotel room to myself.  why do people do anything else when cosby is on and the whole room is created AROUND a big bed?)

School is killing me, truly.  This week we have an hour long presentation to give in addition to a 100 page paper (marketing plan), which is currently somewhere around 0 minutes and 5 pages.  I am also working on a project and presentation for a separate class, but its smaller (still group project, still overwhelming.)  here’s the kicker.  After maintaining an A so far, ( i think this course is more work than the past 4 courses ive taken combined..literally…i refuse to give up now and WILL get 100 pages done by friday.  The two 35 page papers were only 20 percent of my grade, each.  20 percent more is my FINAL.

if you’re reading this, im not sure why. i think  in 3 years when i look back and read these, i’ll stop reading this one by now.  But if you ARE reading, check it out. if we finish our 2 projects by friday, it’s great–since i am traveling to a bachelorette party friday night in poughkeepsie (near NYC hours away).  Saturday = wedding.  sunday is a drive home.  My final presentation that needs to be perfect after all this work all summer?  it’s being given me on friday night to be completed by sunday.  This is bad.

Church is wild.  I think I may end up at Father’s house and its blowing my mind because i began going there initially because i wasnt loving the attendees as i ought to and was judging the church itself.  Now i love it there and am learning a lot.  Every week i plan on going to Grace Church (which i love and in which my family and church family worship..) and i end up driving south, not north..towards FH.  I think that God is doing things in both places-but i cant stand missing whats going on at FH.  i think what id like to do is to keep getting up and getting to both (9 AM and 10:45). Problem: it makes it hard to fellowship at FH after service. (i finally got to meet people on Sunday and hang out after service and it was amazing.)  All this to say, being the last one to leave church is never my idea of a good sunday afternoon (i am usually hangry (hungry and angry) by 12:30 and want to go eat and NOT BE SHAKING HANDS ANYMORE.  But i left at like..1:30 sunday and couldve hung there longer praying, meeting and greeting new people.  If you’re reading this as one of my Grace Church family members/prayer warriors…i miss you all a lot.  pray that God provides me with wisdom and grace to get up early and come to both if that’s his will!  🙂

Africa stuff: i finally broke down and just sobbed to my dad for a few minutes on saturday about the stuff situation.  you all know what’s going on.  I brought back four suitcases of stuff i do not have time to sell for people in Kenya.  I told them it’d be this way–but now theyre getting impatient.  they email daily, have people call me, threaten me and ask friends to facebook me about the things i am to sell/money i should be sending.  i guess if i dont send the money they need, then all the kids wont have a home anymore and the pastor of their church and the family i love so much will be out on the streets.  that or theres some untruths being overcommunicated to me.  either way, i can take work/school stress and 4 hours of sleep a night but this explodes all of it into a big messy mess of desparation and discouragement.  i decided to just buy the stuff from them so i can buy myself some time.  i dont expect to even sell 1/2 the stuff (ever) but im sending them a couple thousand dollars.  worst part is–even though im sending them 2k (my savings) they’re not going to be happy because in their emails they expected more, around three thousand.  this thing is really eating me up because it was such a stupid, expensive mistake–not immoral, just unwise.  I need to pray for the spirit’s guidance before i agree to help with projects, and this is an expensive way to learn it.

i think part of the reason i am discouraged is because i heard that in africa, people are being raised from the dead and the church is growing at a rate of 1 new church every eight minutes, and healings are regular occurrences and God is really moving. Then when i got there, i met amazing people, but a large majority were a lot like the church here, but with more deception, detestation, manipulation, and inequality.  i explained this the other night to my “other mom and dad,” annette and randy and randy said, “oh sorry, becca, you went to africa and you found PEOPLE THERE.”  lol.  it made so much sense after–it’s like…stop griping because you have to work with other imperfect humans-we’re still on earth and it’s time to accept that God uses us in this imperfect state.  everywhere i go (esp my own mirror) there are HUMANS who screw up!  we cant just church hop and country hop and be bop around looking for better people — we all screw it up and God forgives.  That said, africa is a mess and my decision to buy 4 suitcases of stuff for 2k is nasty.  I miss it terribly and would return tomorrow if God allowed me to.

i apologize for the boringness of my blog currently. things i saw that were exciting recently:

a.) jason barber almost hitting a guy with his car downtown because he (the guy) ran out while being chased by like 10 cop cars.  i wouldve hit him i bet, jay stopped SO quick. way to go!

b.) bomber’s burrito bar in albany (YAY).  well, it was exciting for ME anyway, and i ate tacos while watching HOOK.  (funny note: my boss laughed as i quoted stuff like “RUN HOME JACK, RUN HOME JACK” and “dont let your arms get tired!” then i found out later he’d never seen the flick before.   made me wonder why he laughed at all the inside jokes.)

c.) finally finished the office in its entirety.  this does NOT belong on the exciting list.

d.) saw kristin and gartley get married.  it was beautiful.  gartley looked a little like peter pan in the after-pictures.  babies marrying babies!

e.) hannah and i hang out all the time now because when i take a 20 minute break to come up for air from my work some nights, we walk around the block or giggle around together.  i love her a ton and she is getting…long and old…and generous (we’re planning a sisdate after the quarter is up).  her new length is quite weird.  reminds me of when i was her age and her height but my feet were the size they are now.  broke a lot of toes.  spent one summer walking around slamming my feet into stuff, which is not recommended (usually painful).


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