labor day = priceless.

one shot of numbing spray up the nose that makes everything taste like nickels, one car antenna ish video camera up the nose and down the throat: 30$.


one car fix: 139$.


one wait in the “after care office” and terrible visit filled with “i dont knows and i’m not sures”: 40$ and 2 hours.


three drugs that MIGHT help my eye infection: 130$.


another visit to the doctors to hear i have shingles in my eye: 25$.


one text book: 200$.


(note: each of these = unavoidable.)


one tank of gas: 50$.


this has been an expensive week.  a painful and expensive one.  shingles on my eye is bad.  my whole head kills, especially my face bones.  those shingles have no respect for my nerves at all.  

Hannah and i were silly tonight.  she turned her hair into a small beard and it was hilarious.  and she is really good at making up songs easily.  she thinks anyone can do it — but thats not at all sensible.  🙂 she has a talent and all her songs rhyme.

weekend = summer all in one. i hadnt had summer at all and it was the last weekend of it.  it never arrived and was leaving. but i got to see hot air balloons (like 50 of those!), movies outside (bride of frankenstein and a scary short), take dad to lunch/walk/prayer/talking, see fireworks, eat ice cream multiple times, party, and move things to the new bedroom…in pittsford..go to a second party.  labor day is really fun.  never knew it to be, but it is.



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2 responses to “labor day = priceless.

  1. away with shingles…..:)

    by the way what happened2urblog ??it fees funnyyyyyyy when reading like some letters on my left hand side are cut out or someything ??its soo much on the coner..or its ma comp??oreyes lol 🙂

  2. and the beatfl photo of you with the Zebras is no more….. 😦 so so saaaaaaaaaaaad poor us more seeing you ..what did we do to you 🙂 lol

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