sorry about the death, hope it doesnt damper the day!

Last night i had a dream where friends and family and i were driving (ok, I was driving) on a mountain road too fast.  it was for fun, we were going fast over the little hills down the mountainside so we could feel the whooshthing in our tummies and feel like we got a little air and go “wheee!”  Then something was in the road, looked like a car and a stroller so i swerved and still tried to make the dip for the fun whooshieness.

then we got a bit of air and could all tell that when we landed it was going to be OFF the road.  So for a second i thought, “what could i do to get us back on the road” and tried to midair lean and attempt to steer.  this didnt work at all, so we all just looked at each other, knowing it was unfortunately inevitable, and also knowing that the mountain was…extremely lofty.

So on our way up (to eventually go way way way back down and all die) we looked at each other as if to say, “whoops.”  Mom probably thought “i shouldve told her to slow down but i was having so much fun too!” and i thought about how surprised i was no one was screaming (probably because we all felt responsible for all the fun and were all extremely surprised to know we were going to crash in a few seconds.)…i looked at other’s faces like this:

“whoops.  sorry all!  well, what can ya do?”

then in my dream it like..ZOOMED OUT…and i saw us all crash into a fireball of flameage and smokage and definately the end.

it was so bizarre and i awoke startled.  and the rest of my day involved 10 hours of work, a quick walk and then class til 9:30.

anyway, i hope you never drive off a road with me driving.  🙂 it would be frustrating for you to see the look i’d give you as we faced our demise

update on life: i moved!  to pittsford.  my new “roomie” aka the house-owner and friend, sherry, is awesome.  she and i could talk for hours and hours and you get the picture.

the house is also 10 minutes (busless) from work.  and 1 mile or less from tinker park, a lovely place.  It is much more affordable than living at home and i expect my leave to do wonders for my relationship with my mom (though not the rest of the family, “out of sight out of mind” i always say.)  missing them all already though i’ve been home (to pick up african stuff for someone and see han) so it’s a bit pathetic.

other news: new classes and for the first time in as long as i can remember, my teacher seems to be disgusted by me.  she shot me down a lot tonight and that never happens.  😦 i felt a little bit strange inside.  still i think it can be a better quarter than the forecast might initially say

other other news: i’ve been struggling a lot with an issue that really hinders my spiritual walk and prayer life and love for others since i was a kid.  Recently i decided to tackle it and get things figured out, be prayed for, that sort of thing.  havent asked for prayer on here for what, two whole posts?  So here’s a request for it:

a) “unspoken” issue (ive not done this since middle school.)

b.) senior project. this will be my next post on here and it will be unlike any you’ve ever read. if i can figure out how, it will have a VIDEO and it will be so awesome you’ll want to run your own fundraiserfest or or 100K to be a part of the action!

but seriously, do not miss my next post because it’s going to explain all.


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One response to “sorry about the death, hope it doesnt damper the day!

  1. 🙂 u will be fine …..cant wait for your video
    will pray for you !!
    be blessed 🙂

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