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deadline: sunday night at 7pm.

take the (there’s a prize!) quiz in my previous posting.  why?  cause the current winner is NOT someone i want to take out for dinner.  just kiddin.  uh, thanks to all who know what and care what i’ll be doing in kenya.  for those who do NOT know or care, thats cool too…and i appreciate that you’re my facebook friend or blog checkoutter.


uh…news: i am finishing my last RIT course and took (this just hit me) the last professor evaluation i’ll ever need to hand in…tonight.


oh my!  ill of course go back to school to get a phd or teach or get free education but for now, its my final class.  wish it was a better one!

i have much more news but i just got run over by a wave of tiredness. probably has to do with typing from my bed and im just so tired that i could probably falkdmnxcnxxxxxxxzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………….


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Win dinner on me, as promised.

I promised a quiz!!  On the Project.

Answer the questions below to win dinner on me (or if you’re far, something awesome and snailmailable

Question 1: True or False?

Becca Nelson is going to Nigeria for 2 months.

Question 2: Multiple Choice!

What’s one good way to overcome the cycle of poverty in Africa?

a.) fruit snacks.

b.) free money.

c.) education.

d.) water shoes.

e.) MTV.

Question 3: Multiple choice: The point of Becca’s project is to:

1.) To create careful documentation so anyone can create a solar powered computer center in Africa and to raise money for Kenya Kids Can.

2.) To help her graduate so people will stop rolling their eyes at her 6th year status.

3.) To give her a chance to spend thousands of dollars and work for free.

4.) To learn a lot about God’s providence and selflessness.

5.) 1 and 4.

Question 5: The best way to help her do this stuff is:

a.) give money.

b.) pray.

c.) think of her.

d.) raise money through really fun methods and craziness. (think themed parties!)

e.) watch youtube videos and peruse

f.) post “happy birthday!” on her facebook wall once a year.

g.) feel offended at f.) and defriend her.

Bonus: Short Answer (separate prize!)

Based on your review of my capstone proposal, do you have any talents or resources that might be a great, awesome amazing addition to the project OR help raise funds in a fun way?

If yes, what is it? (100 words maximum).


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i’ve now had:


  1. pumpkin pie (homemade).:
  2. Sam’s pumpkin pie.
  3. Mcdonalds pumpkin pie.
  4. Wegmans bought punkin pie.
  5. pumpkin muffin.
  6. pumpkin cake.
  7. pumpkin bread.
  8. pumpkin roll.
  9. pumpkin cookies.
  10. pumpkin ice cream.
  11. pumpkin Abbott’s custard.
  12. pumpkin cream cheese.
  13. pumpkin beer.
  14. pumpkin coffee.
  15. pumpkin tarts.
  16. pumpkin milkshake.
  17. pumpkin cake (2) in a minute from now since it’s in the kitchen..
  18. pumpkin scone (finally).
  19. pumpkin chai (one of my favorites so far.)
  20. pumpkin (dunkin) donut , brought to last saturday night’s game: RIT tigers hockey.
  21. Pumpkin cheesecake.
  22. added 10/2009: Pumpkin coffee (Rachael’s)
  23. Pumpkin Fudge
  24. Pumpkin Cheesecake Muffin (starbucks)
  25. Pumpkin seeds.
  26. Pumpkin waffles (In kenya).
  27. UPDATE 11/12/09: Pumpkin Pie (VEGAN like pumpkin crisp, really).
  29. Cream cheese frosted pumpkin muffin thing from stop n shop’s day old shelves.  these get better with a little age.
  30. homemade pumpkin chocolate chip rasisin muffins with confectionery sugar burying their little selves.
  31. pumpkin smoothie.
  32. STRAIGHT UP PUMPKIN from the oven.
  33. pumpkin pancake batter (we still have to make the pancakes).
  34. Pumpkin pancakes.
  35. Pumpkin Ravioli.
  36. Pumpkin eggnog.
  37. Wendy Eldridge’s pumpkin cookies: out of this world amazing (seriously)–top 5 item so far.
  38. new update: 11/2/2010 chocolate pumpkin (made of pumpkin chocolate). miki omori delivered by rachael jarboe.

New Update 10/9/2011: Pumpkin MUNCHKINS
pumpkin chocolate cake
pumkinhead beer

pumpkin kibbe

Pumpkin PIE bagel (panera) with New York Style Cheesecake cream cheese

Pumpkin Spice Hummus – Josephs i think?  hmm. not sure.

Pumpkin martini at 75


Want to try:

    1. Pumpkin bisque.
    2. pumpkin pop.

UPDATE: 12/10/11: Tried Pumpkin Spice Seltzer from POLAR.


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I promised an amazing post next so ive had lots to say but couldnt share until i had prepared, as promised, a sweet “what im going to be doing” posting.


so here’s what i’m going to be doing.


Hope you enjoy it a lot.


p.s. tomorrow i have to work 10 hours or maybe 9.  then go take a 3 hour midterm of death.  :(.

p.s.s. there will be a quiz on my proposal. (see above and do click).  i’ll post questions this week and the top answerer will win dinner on me, and if you’re far away, 20 dollars in dunkin donuts gift cards to be delivered via mailman.  in other words, ID LIKE YOU TO CHECK IT OUT!

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