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today dad told me i am a priestess.

But you are not like that, for you are a chosen people. You are royal priests, a holy nation, God’s very own possession. As a result, you can show others the goodness of God, for he called you out of the darkness into his wonderful light.

1 Peter 2:9.

Seriously though.  If you’re lacking thankfulness (i doubt you are but…) then remember that we don’t have to confess our sins to an old man someplace or hold on to them in our hearts.  We can go straight to God ourselves. That’s number one on my list.  (followed by siblings and parents and friends and ice cream and songs and travel.).


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a dilemma

I’ve met kids who eat a few times a week.

and i tried to feed them and love on em.

Holiday season: people have recently begun to ask how to give and where to give and what to give–contributions, suitcases/shoeboxes, etc…

theres a place for all of it. my problem is, i should have a quick answer for you about exactly who needs the most assistance and care–yet i cannot decide between the uniforms for kids who cant go to school, the food, the chickens the community program asked me for..its like trying to decide in sim city2000, library/grocery. both needed. which is first?

here’s the scoop. I really should have an answer for you when you ask how you might help out: rather than saying “click donate now”-i’d like to offer people a choice between the various projects (computer centers, feeding, etc.)…

people’s ears perk up at christmas when they hear they can buy a goat (sustainable)!

still i feel like when i go to people, i shouldnt have to whip out the “you can buy a sustainable present: a goat!” for them to get interested. because we ought to be feeding, visiting, loving these people because of Jesus’ command (or for nonchristians, because of conscience). I think the world is really going to use technologies to aid africa and within 50 years, africa will be a new, different place.

It’s awesome to buy things like chickens and set up sustainable programs in communities.  But sometimes we visit communities where there’s no obvious way to grow anything or start anything or sustain a project.

I’ve heard it’s not good to “just feed people” but for now, children are starving.

Every day, almost 16,000 children die from hunger-related causes–one child every five seconds. 12

That’s why i think it’s still ok to give so give without the promise of sustainability or goats, no matter how awesome it is to get that fuzzy feeling.  it’s also ok to give money if you know someone who can give it to the right person.  In fact, it really really helps change lives (my friend Steve feeds kids for 50 cents a week.).

Another thing that is not in the Bible:

“when i was hungry you gave me something to eat, (if i could grow it myself and “learn to fish” and be sustainable.).”


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unproverbs. sketches.

At some point, i will need to break up this blog into two things: deep stuff i am learning daily and amazing/hilarious/sad/funny/remarkable moments i do not want to forget.  So first, remarkable moments, for my own sake, since i dont back up my hard drive with journal entries on it and i cannot read my own handwriting later in my personal journal:

1.) taking 5 kids ice skating = HOT.  when wearing a jacket/turtleneck sweater/tying 5 pairs of skates TIGHTLY..

2.) hannah – super talented and great at improv, especially musical:

3.) murder in the dark + breakfast for dinner tonight. spooktaculer

4.) the sentence/picture game has brought tears to becca2’s eyes and all the girls at bible study.

5.)  mama mia = bad. do not see it, whatever you do.  being the only people in the theater = cartwheelmania.

6.) dan scaring me when i walked into the house i was all alone in..NOT ok.  then i was awake like id drank 17 espressos.

7.)  bless her beautiful hide in seven brides for seven brothers. ridiculous. when can we see the end?

8.) happy when my boss and i quote sesame street together. a loaf-a breaad a container a milk and a sticka butta.

9.) late night scrabble matches how ill miss you all.

10. stuff i forgot to jot.

news: i miss people everywhere i go.  right now i miss people in croatia, bosnia, cape cod, florida, georgia, CA, bethlehem, ramallah, nairobi…potsdam and dc, PA and chicago.  texas, az, rochester.  grand island,  syracuse, rochester.  be in touch!

something on my mind as of tonight: people saying things.. thinking they’re wise old proverbs when they are NOT.  “God’ll help those who help thmselves” is one.  there are several common ones i hear: something like “your beliefs are true inside your heart and mine are inside of my heart…” usually upon examining it further, people realize it is a bit flawed.

but CHRISTIANS–we’ve got God’s BIBLE–which we should use.  nonchristians-thats ok.  im not saying only to read wisdom from the Bible–i’m just asking myself and my fellow Christians to not confuse you and us with all these other things.

“its okay to be mad at God” or “Just tell him how you feel” are two of my least favorites.  last month though, i saw a pastor say “if you’re mad at God, you’re messed up!  messed up!  he is never wrong and always right…etc..

anyway–read the bible because it’s a.) awesome and b.) right.  if you’re

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Update: Family focus foundation.

Today i asked henry for an update on the field, the soapmaking and the biggest needs for christmas.

i offered to buy goats.  Why?  People i talk to all want to buy things for people and its fun to know what you’re getting the families.  Henry wrote me about what he thinks would be the greatest use of christmas funds.

Thanks for getting back to me so soon. Poultry would be good for an on
going project like we have with the field. The only uphill task with
this is feeding till maturity age.

A good Christmas gift as you say is clothes. We made an assessment not
long ago and found that a good number of the children had uniform. Most
of them were using the same uniform to wear at home because they did not
have home clothes.

Reason : To be admitted in school one has to have uniform. So it
becomes first priority to buy uniform because it is a must to wear in
school. I think if we bought some clothes for them to celebrate
Christmas like any other children, then this would be fantastic.

The field is doing great. We have plenty of rain and we prepared the
land in good time for planting. The harvest might be very good this time
than last time.

Our Saturday meetings are very good. Eunice put together a big bunch of
clothes that Joyce has out grown and gave the girls. This made a big
difference. A friend of mine brought some rubber shoes for each child
and this motivated the children the more.
We meet together on Saturday 3 pm for a bible lesson before the
children break to have fun, sing and do activities together. The
guardians left behind to discuss the progress so far and how best to
make the project grow.


Soap making proved a bit difficult to start because of finances. We
have however not given up completely. This will soon come after saving
some money from the ornaments and from the farm produce.

remember, you can visit the website at

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im not sure the best way to randomly choose a winner.  so what ill do is this.

ill get all the names of people who filled out my quiz, then mix em up and then have my dad pick a number 1-20 or whatever it was.

let me know before wednesday if i am missing someone:









steph d.



dan g.

dave warren

and then the winner of the BONUS so far…i only have two entries! so it’s extended!

so you guys really need to answer the bonus about how you can use your own abilities to make some sort of difference. :).

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