a dilemma

I’ve met kids who eat a few times a week.

and i tried to feed them and love on em.

Holiday season: people have recently begun to ask how to give and where to give and what to give–contributions, suitcases/shoeboxes, etc…

theres a place for all of it. my problem is, i should have a quick answer for you about exactly who needs the most assistance and care–yet i cannot decide between the uniforms for kids who cant go to school, the food, the chickens the community program asked me for..its like trying to decide in sim city2000, library/grocery. both needed. which is first?

here’s the scoop. I really should have an answer for you when you ask how you might help out: rather than saying “click donate now”-i’d like to offer people a choice between the various projects (computer centers, feeding, etc.)…

people’s ears perk up at christmas when they hear they can buy a goat (sustainable)!

still i feel like when i go to people, i shouldnt have to whip out the “you can buy a sustainable present: a goat!” for them to get interested. because we ought to be feeding, visiting, loving these people because of Jesus’ command (or for nonchristians, because of conscience). I think the world is really going to use technologies to aid africa and within 50 years, africa will be a new, different place.

It’s awesome to buy things like chickens and set up sustainable programs in communities.  But sometimes we visit communities where there’s no obvious way to grow anything or start anything or sustain a project.

I’ve heard it’s not good to “just feed people” but for now, children are starving.

Every day, almost 16,000 children die from hunger-related causes–one child every five seconds. 12

That’s why i think it’s still ok to give so give without the promise of sustainability or goats, no matter how awesome it is to get that fuzzy feeling.  it’s also ok to give money if you know someone who can give it to the right person.  In fact, it really really helps change lives (my friend Steve feeds kids for 50 cents a week.).

Another thing that is not in the Bible:

“when i was hungry you gave me something to eat, (if i could grow it myself and “learn to fish” and be sustainable.).”



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2 responses to “a dilemma

  1. besides the fact that i left an apostrophe off Jesus’ name, i reread and liked it ok.

    clarification: im all for sustainable methods in Africa. But the “teach them to plant a tree” doesnt always work, so while the world works on that, we can feed people ugali and beans.

  2. Interesting read. I had no idea there are parts of Africa where farming is difficult and is probably not a typical source of food for the people living there. I am guessing these are probably some of the driest areas of the planet, so obviously, planting a tree is out of question.

    Sending foods in packets is one of the alternate solutions, but I don’t feel it is a good long term solution for the whole population living in these areas. I am guessing each area differs from one another, and it would take some research to find sustainable methods in those places, but I can think of couple of ideas how they can at least try to jump start a project or two in their long term quest for balanced farming strategies…

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