unproverbs. sketches.

At some point, i will need to break up this blog into two things: deep stuff i am learning daily and amazing/hilarious/sad/funny/remarkable moments i do not want to forget.  So first, remarkable moments, for my own sake, since i dont back up my hard drive with journal entries on it and i cannot read my own handwriting later in my personal journal:

1.) taking 5 kids ice skating = HOT.  when wearing a jacket/turtleneck sweater/tying 5 pairs of skates TIGHTLY..

2.) hannah – super talented and great at improv, especially musical: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9YDNUPd5fn

3.) murder in the dark + breakfast for dinner tonight. spooktaculer

4.) the sentence/picture game has brought tears to becca2’s eyes and all the girls at bible study.

5.)  mama mia = bad. do not see it, whatever you do.  being the only people in the theater = cartwheelmania.

6.) dan scaring me when i walked into the house i was all alone in..NOT ok.  then i was awake like id drank 17 espressos.

7.)  bless her beautiful hide in seven brides for seven brothers. ridiculous. when can we see the end?

8.) happy when my boss and i quote sesame street together. a loaf-a breaad a container a milk and a sticka butta.

9.) late night scrabble matches how ill miss you all.

10. stuff i forgot to jot.

news: i miss people everywhere i go.  right now i miss people in croatia, bosnia, cape cod, florida, georgia, CA, bethlehem, ramallah, nairobi…potsdam and dc, PA and chicago.  texas, az, rochester.  grand island,  syracuse, rochester.  be in touch!

something on my mind as of tonight: people saying things.. thinking they’re wise old proverbs when they are NOT.  “God’ll help those who help thmselves” is one.  there are several common ones i hear: something like “your beliefs are true inside your heart and mine are inside of my heart…” usually upon examining it further, people realize it is a bit flawed.

but CHRISTIANS–we’ve got God’s BIBLE–which we should use.  nonchristians-thats ok.  im not saying only to read wisdom from the Bible–i’m just asking myself and my fellow Christians to not confuse you and us with all these other things.

“its okay to be mad at God” or “Just tell him how you feel” are two of my least favorites.  last month though, i saw a pastor say “if you’re mad at God, you’re messed up!  messed up!  he is never wrong and always right…etc..

anyway–read the bible because it’s a.) awesome and b.) right.  if you’re


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