On Simplicity

I overthink things.

I think about my thoughts.

I ponder my pondering.

I question my questions.

I overanalyze relationships. You know what that can bring about…Problems are created that never existed in the first place.

Worst of all, I do the same thing with my relationship to God.  It’s not good to ignore our questions, but it’s also not good to complicate things that he has made simple for us.  Our faith is easy for kids to comprehend–either Jesus is or is not who he said he is, and and will or will not do what the Bible says he can do.  seriously.

no more excuses.  When Jesus asked the man at the pool “do you want to be healed?” the man told him why he couldnt be healed so far.  God is not interested in our long answers to “do you want to follow me?”–he just wants us to do it.  

We do not need to reminds God how it feels and what our parents did to us and how the church isnt representative of him and everything we see thats not right and how incapable we are and how much we stink and how our desire for him should be stronger and how we are stuck in a rut…

We need to decide to “go and sin no more”, not “try to understand the root of it in the first place”.  The root of it is..SIN.  SIN is bad.  BAD BAD.  it destroys but God erases it if we ask.  Then we go and try to sin no more.

On doing what i can do

Second realization: even if i pray more, and think through and serve and read the BIble and change my own actions, i cant seem to make myself love the way we have to love other people.  my heart still belongs to God.  He made it, he knows how it works, and he can reprogram it.  I can’t.  this is deeper than i can express.



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3 responses to “Overanalyzing.

  1. Nic

    I think you have hit the nail on the head, reading this post reminded me of another story in the Gospel. It is when the woman touches Jesus garmet and is healed. (Luke 8:43-48, classic) This woman did not over complicate the process. She had seen all the doctors and she was still sick, so she looked to Jesus.

    By faith and Jesus, she was healed.

  2. MK

    I Googled “Is over analyzing a sin” and this came up first! It was very helpful 🙂

    MK Butler

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