immediate needs?

I’m returning to kenya in January.


for those who’ve asked what their funds will go towards if they give (see the donate now button on my website!):

1.) food for kids who eat a few times a week.  (2.40 a month to feed a child daily while he/she is in school.)

2.) second outfits (9 dollars a piece) for kids with only…one pair of clothes uniforms are not nice to wear to bed or around on the weekends.  these are for henry’s group (the ones we’ve tried to serve with their guardians — who work on the field we planted last year?  they really wanted these for Christmas but we understand if it cant happen.

3.) stuff for me to bring families. This one is the least efficient, as i’d like to use my suitcases myself AND we have to wait until january 25th so we can’t do a christmas thing AND it’s not easy to get things into the country.

BUT if you want to send me with something (anything from old cameras –these are a hit–to old cellphones–kids love toys…to clothes, let me know and we ‘ll see what we can do!

buy stuff

also-i still have a LOT of african stuff to sell and it makes an awesome present.  banana fiber cards, necklaces, wooden statues–it’s alarmingly cheap, so just contact me if you’d like to a.) help sell it or b.) buy mom an apron or potholders for christmas. :D.

Thanks again.

A lot of people have handed me a check or cash to give to the right person in kenya.  God himself will reward you someday and these kids will be happier than you can imagine.  Thank you deeply.


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