It’s about to get really interesting.

My to do list is currently terrifying.

and ive got a limited number of days: 9 to be exact.

uh, i need suggestions on how to run this whole website while im away.  should i use categories to separate kenya stories  from “what im learning as i read the bible” postings…or should i make two entirely separate blogs? you be the judges.

it is tricky, as not all my readers and friends believe what i do.  i want to share my thoughts with people who do believe the Bible is our bread daily, while not confusing/boring people who do not.




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5 responses to “It’s about to get really interesting.

  1. I like God-stuff here.

  2. Julie

    Keep it easy on yourself and have one blog – we all can choose what we want to read!

  3. fendeilagh

    I agree with Julie that you should not make it more difficult for yourself. But if you do decide to make another one be sure to post a link to it here so I can add it to my google-reader too.

  4. 10,800 hits!! lol!! i think u shud post all coz they are what you are ..i like everything u write

  5. Joe

    People who reject you because of a faith in God are simply not worth attending to, ever, because they are responsible for that attitude. Just from personal experience, if they don’t like all of me, too bad! (Not that it isn’t lonely sometimes, but God provides.)

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