breaking curses (or passport related jokes)

Are you reading my blog?

If you are, please comment below. I hear about people praying and it encourages me more than you know it could.  Honestly, it’s fantastic.  Google analytics might show me how many times my site has been visited, but it certainly doesn’t display who is praying.

So comment.

Okay, that’s outta the way.  I’m going to London for 3 hours, then Kenya until April 1st.  That’s my news.

This post is lengthy and extremely ho hum.  But that’s an answer to prayer and a NOT normal thing!  My trips ALWAYS go wrong at airports.

Read on if you’re bored. If you’re new to the blog, not all posts are so lengthy and pointless.

Steph Tornow blessed me deeply by visiting twice on Saturday as I packed (and stressed out mom).  She brought me a smoothie and an awesome note for me to read during my travels.  Great way to get started—talking about the cross/leaving everything there.

Dad helped get stuff together, print itineraries (bible installed on my macbook finally!) and mom pitied me.  She also took me to friendly’s.  papa gave me a voice recorder (makes technical writing a LOT easier), and after I went to tim horton’s to hang out in our group of friends for one final night.  Bec 2 made a beautiful appearance too.  I’m-a-gonna miss her a lot.  She drove back to college while we drove to the airport.

We tried to convince Justin to come but to no avail, so before we knew it the crowd had dwindled down to none and I went to bed.

Day today:
I woke up before the sun and a few minutes later, dad came down and began moving pots and pans and dishes around so I asked, “what’re you doing”.

“Making breakfast”. EggMcDadmuffins and omelets—perfect start to the day.  Lots of hugs and kisses and phone swapping and forgetting/driving backwards….and we were all off.

I’m in the airport now, feeling a little icky from getting little sleep and riding in a car for the day. Steph, Sarah and Kevin drove me and dropped me off around 2 something—flight’s at 7.  They’re so awesome.  We listened to Tim Keller and Winkie Pratney since we couldn’t make it to church.  We sang bohemian rhapsody. We played top 5. It was awesome.  I’m going to really miss my friends.  I always do but this year I’ve worked more regular hours and built deeper friendships.  It’ll be hard for me to check out facebook albums and try to keep in touch while I am hanging out 8 hours later.

Update: London.

I’m in London.

Worst thing about airports alone: Carrying your own things around.  You cannot ask people to watch them for you!  And my carryon is probably as heavy as Hannah hanging on my back.  Only she’d be swinging from my back using a rope DIGGING INTO MY BACK.  Honestly!  It’s EXHAUSTING carrying my guitar, and it also attracts unwanted attention.  The first man to check my passport kept it for a while and stared at me and said, “nice eyes”.  Creeeeeper.  So it begins, the traveling alone. L.

So the guitar has been a beast so far.  I just want to be able to go to the bathroom without having to bring everything in there—traveling with another person who can keep an eye on things changes EVERYTHING.  I miss you already (yes you).

There is a small child here doing this EVIL laugh every few minutes..”MUUUAH.  MUAHH HAHAHA!” it’s like..gutteral and he is extremely small.  It’s hilarious.  Im considering videoing but that’d be wrong.  Now he is slowing it down and instead of the DEEP VOICE from his belly he is just saying mooo-a a a really slowwwwly.  Like moooooo ah ah ah ah ah.

Second worst thing about international travel: when carrying one’s carryon and never sleeping, one must move around those taped lines for no reason like a sheep.

Two scenarios make me insane (both happened today).

Scenario a.) a line turns into a large blob of people and there is one door that all the people are going to enter through.  If in a rush, I like these, as I can easily cut everyone else in the blob by going to the sides of it.  If not in a rush others cut me and I stand confused and exhausted and get passed.

Scenario b.) there are long lines of TAPED rows and a HUUUUGE line and we soon realize we’re not waiting for ANYTHING but just walking through with people saying it’s important to remove liquids. It’s hard to explain how bad and annoying it is to join 200 people in a maze of taped rows to have NOTHING checked and nothing come of it.

I watched a terrible movie called “boy in the striped pajamas”.  Nazis and kids.  Terrible.  Then of course I needed to see a comedy, so I made the mistake of watching the only one they had (literally, ONE).  It was called Burn After Reading and I CERTAINLY left it unfinished.  It was terrible.  I regret watching things at all, except the flight was quickened.

This is getting ridiculous.  I’m going to spend some time in the word before I leave.  Night!  (3AM now, but 8AM London time so im confused.  Maybe if I eat breakfast ill convince myself its morning). It IS light outside, so…\

took me forever to move this to another computer so it could be uploaded. sorry for old news and thanks for reading!



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7 responses to “breaking curses (or passport related jokes)

  1. You know I’m praying.

    p.s. you forgot the ‘f’ in Stef, I still love you though 🙂

  2. Joe E.

    Switch to a ukalele 😛

  3. steph

    hated burn after reading.

    hope all is well!

  4. Sarah Farmer

    ew, Burn After Reading is terrible! I fell asleep after Brad died.

    Just so you know, not only shall I be reading your blog, but I shall be subscribed as well! haha

  5. My prayers follow you. Thanks for the updates here. It’s so much easier to pray effectively when we know what’s going on!

  6. Val

    I am praying, beccaaaaaaaa!!!!! 🙂 🙂

  7. arricka

    ditto to Val 🙂

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