How to phone me or write me.

Cheaper than skype to phone me in kenya???

Did research:

I think this is the cheapest way to get ahold of me besides email.  Here’s my #: 0738452171.
use 254 if you’re calling from outside the country (aka if you’re in america!)..

as for my mailbox:

P.O. Box 80

Kijabe, Kenya 00220

I am really tired today but cannot sleep.  It’s a blecky feeling, but this too shall pass so i’m not concerned.  Hearing the voices of people i missed on the phone and knowing i’ll be seeing them as soon as i can is really really exciting.

Jo and Ken picked me up and we had no issues, got right through (they didnt look in my suitcases at all in the airport, just waved me through).  We had tea and chatted and i went to bed in a GORGEOUS bedroom–their new place is fantastic.

I’ve been getting my bearings today, getting in touch with people and spending a bit of time in prayer.  I think today is a good day to hang with isaac since he is trying to come out to where i am in kilishwa.  But its also an awesome day to pray and unwind and memorize more of psalm 139.  I was writing it out on the plane and remembering Arricka praying it over me before departure–it was so awesome to think about God “scrutinizing” my journey and knowing when i sit and when i rise.  I’m not a big meditator (you can imagine what happens when i attempt to focus or quit thinking of 100 things at once so yep) but i’ve really loved spending time in the scripture.

The most annoying woman in the world was my neighbor on the plane.   I’ll have to imitate her yelling AHMED every couple minutes for you sometime, in person, but lets just say ive been on planes with weirdos but ive never seen people look at each other and appear concerned or annoyed like people (all the people) were with this one remarkable woman.



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5 responses to “How to phone me or write me.

  1. Dad

    Bec, Praying!
    I called 0738452171 via Skype “number doesn’t exist” Maybe it is new and will take a day or two to show up.. Love you. Today 12 degrees feels like “0”.. forcast snow tonoight and Wednesday. Enjoy Kenya!

  2. Joe E.

    Hi Becca, glad you made it safely! It’s so cool knowing a globetrotter who’s doing something to help people, and reading an “instant update”. Take care, and enjoy the heat!

  3. Joe E.

    P.S. Praying for you 🙂 Also, is your Psalm 139 the “deliver me from snares” or “you’ve always known me” Psalm? I’m paraphrasing, but the Catholic / Protestant versions are different! 🙂

  4. judy

    writing here… you get these right? I’ll have to add you in FB.
    You’re on our Prayer list – again! Be well.

  5. arricka

    We prayed against fat, snoring, drooling, creepy, chatty, smelly, people as your airplane neighbors but we forgot to mention women yelling “Ahmed”. Oh well. I guess next time. 🙂

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