So yesterday in Nairobi, Nakumatt (megastore) exploded into flames.  this ruined my commute but I thank God i wasnt in there.  3 hours to get from ANU to the Wakias. UGH.  I was with a friend though–God knows if i wasn’t i’d be bored/scared (bored on the bus, scared when i got off to switch matatus and didnt know where to go).

I had spent the day seeing EVERYONE at anu (except evans!)…We picked up right where we left off and i was deeply overjoyed.  Isaac and I walked around in the sun a lot while friends were in class, so i got QUITE burnt. (See FB for my sunburn photo).

Last night we had dinner/settlers with Ken and Jo after the ridiculously bad 3 hr. 10 mile ride to Killishiwa.  I went to bed rather late and woke up at 4:30 with no chance of falling back asleep.  I did all the dishes, a lot of situps, and prayed.  Honestly, i learned more about my state of humanness, as i immediately realized the fact that i was probably awoken to pray, but made it through noah, micah, justin and arricka before my mind wandered off to somewhere distracting and i dozed on and off and spent a LOT of time trying to get connected to the internet so i could contact folks. I kept realizing it was pointless, the internet was not working, and i should just pray–but i kept trying to anyways (slightly homesick i guess, perhaps?) so the prayer time was shortened.  I just wish i had a deeper discipline/desire/etc. for praying.  If it is what i think it is, i need to do 100% more of it.

Today is going to be rough as i plan to: Go to deliver 2 laptops to Pastor Mathias, have an important meeting about how we can help a school build a wall to keep water out of its classrooms, and then visit the school (in the garbage) that i started last year with Pastor Dindi in the garbage of  Embakasi.  It’s always hard when i visit there–from getting the correct transport to seeing these kids who arent being fed yet…it scares me and breaks my heart.

After that, i think i get to finally meet my friend lawrence and catch up. He is a faithful commenter on my blog, a dear friend and a devoted Christian.  His faith challenges me and i hope to see him if im not feeling sick from getting a sunburn on my sunburn.



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  1. arricka

    Prayer is a struggle. That is in part what it is.

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