Jan 27.

Today I got up too early because I couldn’t sleep, and took an awesome shower. Here in Kenya, I usually hate the showers because they’re in the bathroom with the toilet and sink but there is no curtain or even specified area blocked off, just a hose..and I always spray the toilet and sink and my towel/clothes with the shower. I like Ken and Jo’s shower. Not sure why, but everything worked out.

Isaac and I explored his university, USIU. It’s GORGEOUS. I recommend studying there. We got me a lot of shillings (YAY) and minutes for my new cellphone too. Obviously in that order. Having a phone is where my money goes when I am here, but I need it to meet people like Henry and Pastor Mathias! Or Jackie, Sam (we talked today!), Sauda, Isaac, Jeanette, etc. J.

I am excited to see the progress of the school and program I helped start in Embakasi last year and the field planted last year (in Rui) to help sponsor our children’s program. It will be awesome to check it out.

Highlight of the day: being hot and sweaty in a matatu that broke down (twice) and as soon as it broke down, the conductor turning up the radio. Sat in the heat trying to fix it and TITANIC came on deafeningly loud: causing all of us inside the matatu even more joyous rapture.

We definitely got out quickly and hopped into a new one. I realized my lack of preparedness for PEOPLE everywhere. Being around in a crowd might be a better way to explain. I’d forgotten what it was like to not be able to move because so many people were pushing me—and I didn’t like it today. Probably had to do with being exhausted, but I’m sure ill get my “I don’t mind your smelly shoving” groove back before I head out to RVA (in the middle of the countryside). I do not even consider it an essential missionary’s asset til I get to Bangalore in April.


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