when i come the tater tots all begin singing


Today ive been resting up (after the craziness and burntness) and praying, reading, etc.

It’s been lovely and tonight all my friends are coming! Jo and Ken’s idea to get the old gang together again. We’re gonna make guacamole, be happy, chill..etc……

I’m ready to get started helping steve. Spent lots of time this morning learning about grants, transferring money to nonprofits, and about opening accounts for projects. I am terrible at managing these things—if you donated money to me, I marked it in a document, and am also marking the money I’ve used on feeding kids and buying outfits since my arrival…I will write those of you who gave and let you know what it bought for the programs. So far we’ve bought 25 outfits for kids in mwiki and a months food for the little tater tots at our nursery school.

I talked to Samuel today about the project (our nursery) and the place it’s in. I wrote yesterday about the malaria, the water, the garbage, etc. and basically wanted to discuss a new school to replace the current one. I asked if there are any schools in the area that are government schools (these all have feeding programs) and he said no, not in the surrounding slum—not one. So we need to get the school moved.

Today I am pretty in pink—pink necklace and earrings from mathias because he was so happy to get the laptops (yes he gave me jewelry, cause there is not enough at my house in the garage suitcases from last year’s little adventure). I wore pink to make my sunburn look a little less bright, but it may be backfiring on me.

I think im blogging too much, but I wont be in a week, so enjoy it now! :D. Also, its 5 cents a minute to call me if you do whatever my dad did—DAD! Please post the instructions as a comment below?

Kevin called with a ridonkulously pricy phone card but it was great to hear his voice and his Indian accent. And stef plans on calling me when she wakes up (YAY!)…today is a great and magnificent Friday and I hope yours are too!



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3 responses to “when i come the tater tots all begin singing

  1. dad

    Ummm… I was wrong about Skype price. Cost was $.40/min to your cell for Skype-out. I will try your blog suggested method.

    Outrageously cute tots! Don’t miss the videos!!

    Bec, more details on how to give and how the funds given by the method you describe will be used would help people here who want to give.

  2. Kevin

    Yes, an AT&T prepaid 150 american minute phone card will cost you about 10 dollars and offer you 5-8 minutes of call time with Becca. Not the most cost-efficient method of communication.

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