sitting on the laps of strangers

sitting on the laps of strangers is no way to ride on a van.

that is a page about MATATUS.  This particular one was one of the worst, as we fit 5 people into the front bench seat that ought to sit 3.  I was in a skirt and it got really messed up as i sat on two different people’s laps and squished as small as i could.

i have a few extremely serious notes, but for now, a funny story might do.

remember last year, when i told the story about the man who could not pronounce cheating without swearing and how he ended up telling students who would be taking their exams in the church itself not to sh_t in the house of GOD? NO s__tting.

now, i recently realized that since l’s get switched in english (by kenyans) for r’s, things like “road” are pronounced loard.  The other day someone actually texted me and told me to come to ngong loard (ngong road).

in that case when we say clap clap your hands, it’s crap crap your hands.  this brought me great joy considering the man’s former statement.  sorry dad, i had to share.

ok, that’s over with for now.  uh, ive learned a few new words, always prefixed by “you’re such a”.

you’re such a:



wally (pronounced wooly.)

Jo is british and is improving my vocab.  also it turns out trunks here are “boots” so when they had to search our boots to park in the garage, they really meant the trunk.



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4 responses to “sitting on the laps of strangers

  1. Barbara

    Greetings from Montana. I know we haven’t kept in touch with you but I check your site daily and keep up with where you are and what you are doing. Brad and I do pray for you. God specifically had me pray for you this morning in the morning service.
    Be blessed!

  2. Kevin

    Things you can say to Brits:

    “Why do you have to take the mickey out of me?”

    “Did you get nabbed by the ol’ Bill?


    “I love David Hasselhoff, don’t you?”

    “Pass the marmite.”

    “God save the queen.”

    “Hello, love!”

    “Oh, he’s just playing silly buggers.”

    “That’s quality.”

    These are just to start you out. You’re welcome.

  3. thank God presidential elections are over lol!

  4. Joe

    lol, If you’re happy and you know it, crap your hands!

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