my most important post thus far

I never know how to start these things.

It sounds like a lot of you want to give. If you’ve given and I haven’t sent you a lengthy letter about exactly what your funds accomplished, then i haven’t spent the funds yet and when i do you can expect a letter.

The deal is, I came to Kenya to work on a new project, a technical manual for rural computer centers (solar power). But i also wanted to check on last year’s projects and see how they are.

I won’t bore you with details, but:

Mwiki (family focus foundation est. 2008).

The people we serve in Mwiki are families that Henry Kamau (bus driver at ANU) knew were really really struggling- so either one mom or no parent homes. Our program is about keeping kids in their own community, not taking them to children’s homes someplace. We try to care for them inside their homes (which means also caring for their parent or relative). On Saturdays–kids go to fun and bible games and adults go to a meeting to discuss how to create sustainable projects for their community.

So far we’ve tried:

  • jewelry making (everyone learned and makes nice things but the materials are expensive),
  • detergent making (for businesses nearby but the economy is bad)
  • planting our field (bumper crop til the last month—drought killed everything and all the work was for nothing).

Yesterday we brought the children clothing (they’d had one set before now) and now all of them have new leather shoes for school and a new outfit!!  Thanks belinda, stef and lisa for the extreme  happiness.

The women who meet haven’t given up yet. Every failure has been a learning experience and the group has grown together deeply. Henry doesn’t always go Saturdays but the women still meet and study the Word and discuss what to do now.

CHICKENS! That is the new plan for now. It costs 300 dollars to get a chicken structure (house) and 50 chickens. These are super chickens and can eat anything—not just corn and feed, but any leftovers. Yes, even chicken leftovers..:). We plan to put 3 women over egg-selling, food scavenging and feeding.


Still raising money for chickens. Lemme know if you wanna buy 1-2.

Kware, in Embakasi :

Kware is sad. Sad sad. We set up a school last year in a garbage dump because there wasn’t one, and lots of kids were around there. We had 20-30 regular attendees.

Then the sewage river was REDIRECTED by a BAD man and basically flooded everything. Trash and sewage are everywhere. Pigs are all over the premises too.

In September, every child got malaria (even Fred, the faithful instructor was ill). Because of flooding, the road was underwater. Most orphans moved to a different part of the slum.

We planned to raise 5500 dollars for a wall to block the floods and I went to check it out. While there, we fed the kids (to see how much it would cost to feed all the tater tots and instructors). Then I met with a district superintendent of the church (school’s in the church building) and he recommended spending 3000 on a new building instead.

So down with the wall and up with a better location!


If you think you can give towards buying a brand new building in the same area but drier, contact me? Also, if you’d like to buy lunch for a kid who we’re sure doesn’t eat (about ½ the toddlers do not eat anything but tea some days), it’s about 30 cents a meal.

Tim gave 100 dollars and that will feed the kids for a while.  After it runs out, it will be about 12 dollars a week to feed the class of toddlers. :D.  little bellies.

I just want to say that even though the unimaginable has occurred, the instructor has been faithful to still teach—it’s the reason I am sure that they deserve the new building and that with the right beginning, will continue to increase attendance.


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  1. Joe

    Hey Becca,

    A facebook campaign of some sort ought to generate some funds. Something sort of like the JetBlue thingy, instead it directs people to these projects.

    God Bless!

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