Not sure if you heard, but we’re in 5 days of mourning over 2 separate terrible accidents, both of which could fill a book with personal vents about bad government, poor fire/rescue services, poverty and other terrible heartbreaking subjects. Nakumatt’s fire turned out to be a much bigger issue than first reported. Bodies are still being identified, dozens were killed when the (basically walmart) store caught fire-the doors were locked to prevent looting and people couldnt get out. It took over 2 days to put it out (because fire services is alarmingly inept.).

The molo tragedy was possibly worse. 120 people were confirmed dead and many more injured after a tanker tipped over and people tried to siphon gas. The gas caught fire and exploded…killing mostly youths. today they showed another accident where a sunflower oil truck tipped and people again (even after yesterday) went to siphon it out. Who’d do it the day after? Desperate people, who know that without money, they’re dying anyways.



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