BUUUUAH <–a goat.

I am now at RVA (rift valley academy) in kenya.  it is beautiful and reminds me of new otherton.  drinking water from the tap, american outlets to charge macbooks, awesome people from a LOT of different countries…teresa who washes dishes so theres no awkward, uh “whose turn is it to do dishes tonight?”…

today i spent the morning installing microsoft office on computers for the centers–and by installing i mean helping two other women who did all the work.  Lucy and Rachel are the head teachers at two differnt centers.  They told me about how it is, how the communities have benefited, etc.  it was fun.  i also tried to make coffee but our pot at home is so different..and it was a little messy.

i was given one job: get the modem to work with the apple computers.  i tried for hours (literally) to no avail.  Steve is learning that i am not a programmer, but i hope he also gets to see that i’m a decent writer.

Everything i touched got screwed up today so i went on a self pity exploration trip around the perimeter of campus.  i was praying and complaining, half worshipping (it’s SO pretty and the new fam is really great) and half freaking out (weird african stomach flu going around, and the chicken project making some backwards progress).  I realized i needed to just LISTEN to God.  Not even think about things, just chill for a minute.

Meanwhile altitude = higher than denver.  I realize i am in the worst shape my life.  Bad feeling.  So now im ready to sit and cry and tell God a Charlie Brown, “Everything i touch is ruined!” and i hear this sound.  BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUAH.

i really really am not doing it justice.  it was the lowest sound..but sounded like the WAAAZUPP guys.  the one guy who does the bass UUUUUUUUUUUGH towards the end…?  it was like that only BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUH.  its seriously the funniest sound ive had the pleasure of experiencing.

now, i took it to mean something like, “Stop worrying and laugh at the silly goats.  theyre making hilarious noises.  your problems are not unsolvable, now chill out a minute.”

I guess im putting words where there werent any, but i did laugh and realized that even if i am not a programmer, a cross country star, a barista, a tech guru or a nonworrier, God is big and his glory matters, not whether or not it was a good or bad day.  You need to visit RVA and these twins i hang out with so much (theyre 7).  Tonight i even sang songs to Ben and Katie before bed, and discovered chords to songs i didnt think i knew, since they wanted to sing “i will call upon the Lord” before sleeping.  :).


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  1. Dad

    I read it “American Omelettes to charge Macbooks” . I guess it is obvious where my head is today. Praying for all the projects and transition. LOVE YOU & MISS YOU!

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