Becca’s deepest fears

1.) ______

2.) ___ guns

3) electric ____

4.) rubber ______

5.) losing my _____.

contest for commenters.  Now, the week has gone from good to weird to BAD to great.  the bad part had to do with my own sinfulness and patheticness.

recap: tuesday, come to RVA and meet everyone and chill out a lot.  happy joy fun.  went to the par with the twins and friends and played “tank tag” for a bit.

Wednesday = people start getting sick.  Matthew is my floormate and new kid brother.  super sick with what we’re told is a 10 day stomach bug.  i begin to freak.  I get assigned “fix apple desktop so it works with our new sweet modem”.  i work all day and the thing is still not working.  i have to get steves help to turn on the machine (spent 15 minutes looking for a button).   I put the twins to bed.

Thursday: Steve is sick too and jetlagged on top of it.  I dont know what to do so i resdesign a website all day.  i worry about finding myself work on friday.  i discover a prayer chapel.  i pray “i believe, help my unbelief.”  i pray about things and God shows my heart a lot.  i read revolution in world missions and feel convicted about a lack of evangelism.  i decide that Christ’s burden is LIGHT (he promises).  if it’s heavy, its not his work at all, its something ive created myself.

nighttime convo: nancy and i.  she is awesome.

friday = started out with skype working!!  long convo with justin.  long walk around campus.  killer hill/listened to music and listened to God.  Was overwhelmed with happiness at the thought of his light burden and love for me.  Got home and had planned on a walk to the dukas (market).  instead get a call from Bruce to come see stuff for the centers.  Spend entire afternoon getting real work done and learning about the centers, building, transporting, started docuemnting.  huge scary job but i’m stoked.

you may remember the other day when i tried to get a computer working and couldnt.  well today another man asked me to fix his internet / airport/ mac and i was thinking OH NO NOT AGAIN NOT ME AHH since im not a computer person.  but guess what?  miracles are real–i fixed everything he’d worked on for hours already.

uhh, it was weird and will never happen again.  i had to laugh after what i faced on wednesday/thursday.  God had to use the time to teach me lessons in humility, trust and patience.  and he did!

the stuff in bold = the important items.



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3 responses to “Becca’s deepest fears

  1. Robert Chandler

    Robert’s Deepest Fears:

    1.) Any harm befalling my children

    2.) Illegal guns

    3) electric toaster dropped into my bathtub

    4.) rubber cement on the seat of my chair

    5.) losing my faith.

  2. mom

    I am taking a stab at your fears, Bec:

    1) vomit
    2)nerf guns
    3)electric eels
    4)rubber cement
    5) losing my passport

    how’d I do?

  3. Losing my mind.

    Love you Bec 🙂

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