egg shampoo? no way. on the shelves?

Small bits, maybe it can be less indimidatingly long to the readers.

5:55 – 10AM
Today involved a video chat with Justin (for the record i typed Jesus instead of Justin because my finger went into “i just hit the capital J key!–quick, AUTOPILOT MODE.”) and one video conversation with caleb in which he danced. And micah showed up behind Caleb.  Then i talked to my old prof, mostly about how amazing chatting is in africa.  then after playing with kids who live here or slept over last night, I said goodbye to all and left for gilgil with lawi.

Note: during the morning hellos and goodbyes, I was teased relentlessly by Steve for being a modem hog.  I thought he was sick and didn’t want the modem, which was NOT the case at all.  There is NOTHING like being up in the middle of the night and the modem not working (or being elsewhere).  I will not be able to take the modem to bed with me anymore.  And steve has a new nickname for me.


We had the scariest matatu ride (overall) so far in Kenya for me.  At one point, it felt like an epcot ride—we went straight for the truck in front of us (tractor trailer) then literally were an inch behind it—next thing I knew we’d moved RIGHT (to pass it) but like, we didn’t go forward/right or slower/right, we just were one inch behind, then we were in the lane over.  It was like it was on a track.  We didn’t know what was next to the truck, but fortunately no one was in the way.  I sat near the front doing two things: making faces at a child who kept roaring at me / playing peekaboo…and second, watching the driver (bad idea) as we passed on curves.  The third thing I did was decide never to ride a mat like this one in the rural areas again.

Family visiting

We stopped so I could pick up things for lawis family (he always brings me stuff when he’d visit us at ANU)…sugar, juice, chocolate, queen cakes, milk, was fun.  Then we visited for a meal and met his gramma, mom, sis and nephew…grandams been saved since 1934 and is a PRAYER WARRIOR. God will tell her things before they happen in dreams and the gift never fails.  She even will call Lawi and say “god says work is giving you trouble, whats going on?” and is always right.  She prayed for us—which I’ve wanted to see happen since lawi told me about her faithfulness.

Ancient skulls

We also went to this place that has old ancient tools used by homo erectus supposedly in millions of years BC.  It was interesting and I liked seeing sharp rocks in piles.  The view was perfect—a lake, weird trees, etc.  Now when people argue evolution with me, which is NOT a favorite hobby for me, I can say the following:

“listen, I don’t understand everything and I do believe in pieces of the theory.  I do not know how old the earth is, but I do know it could NOT have come from absolutely nothing.  I’ve also been to the sites where they found those skulls and I looked at the skulls myself.  The human heads look like human heads and the monkey skulls look like monkey skulls.”

Quite interesting.  My take on monkeys and us is that there’ve been dozens of species of ape, and the ones I saw today probably were a.) tacky glued together or b.) died out before we got to get their photos…

I don’t do the evolution debate thing, even though I was homeschooled and we’re supposed to love science arguments.  I find the good news better to share and I find it difficult to understand people who think the universe exploded and became slime…I’d read more but after seeing the pointy tools and ape man skulls, I think ive had enough for a bit.  More important things to do, like hold little ones at the hospital!

There were more events today—it’s getting long.  These involved more matatus, 5 to a 3 person seat and 23 in one van.  We also managed to get 11 people into a corolla.  Strangers.  Yum.  Video chatted mom and han.  Tried to talk to my dad.  Joined the family in viewing the best parts of home alone 2 lost in new york, and bought fruit I cant eat until its bleach watered.


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