today we did sunday school, gave out toys in a childrens hospital nearby.  It was awesome seeing children so happy.  bubbles..who knew bubbles could bring smiles so big?  amazing.  and balloons!  KEEP THEM IN THE AIR.  it was fun.

then we went to visit baby moses, who was left in the bushes this week outside bruce and ellen’s house.  i was afraid i wouldnt be able to visit him but they welcomed nancy and i after a brief wait in the maternity waiting place.

I didnt snap a picture of him for you, but:

a.) big big eyes that try to focus but dont always manage to stay on one thing without rolling sideways or crosseyed (adorable) cause he is sick.

b.) little tiny body (way not enough food.  nancy’s seen worse, i’m not sure ive seen such a skinny kid before.).

c.) long eyelashes.

d.) trouble keeping his head upright for a few seconds.

e.) teeth!  we think he has to be 1.5 min cause he has 9 or so teeth.

f.) wears a fleece and a diaper, no pants. why? eh, not going to ask. :D.

g.) lungs filled with nasty trashy blecky sounding liquid.  he has pneumonia and God knows what other stuff.  When i hold him i can hear it all and i wonder if he is about to cover me in something.

Moses screams unless he is being held.  I think it’s because he is sick and feels terrible and was maybe never held at all before, so he is afraid if you put him down, youre not coming back to get him. :(.  we keep switching (nurses and visitors).  heard there’s funds being raised to have one person stay by his side all the time–as it is now it changes hourly and i cant hold him too much or he might cry during the whole night trying be held by the nurses.  they dont want him thinking we can always pick him up.

i didnt cry the first time we hung out today, but i walked back to the hospital later today after church (which was fun). then i hummed to him and we walked around together…

Humming the old lullaby that’s one of the first memories ive got was a bad idea if i wanted to not cry.  I thought about how secure i felt when that tape was playing and i knew mom and dad had picked it out, and besides the words were pretty comforting too:

Sleep sound in Jesus

My baby, my dear

Angels are watching

They keep you so near

Know for His sake

You’ll be safe for the night

Sleep sound in Jesus

I’ll turn off the light.

it’s not easy to explain just how secure i used to feel as a kid with that playing in my bedroom.  If you had a bad or scary childhood, i’m sorry from the bottom of my heart.  There was NOTHING like falling asleep to that song, sick or not, scared or not, even after it moved to noah or micahs room to put THEM to bed, i remember listening to it.

I have an urgent need and its not financial–pray for the baby to get better and grow.  pray for his mother, as whatever caused her to abandon him…i cant imagine how hard it has to be.


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