i didnt get shot at today. and i changed these, not bullets.

1.    I woke up.
2.    I went up the killer hill of death without eating breakfast.
3.    I decided never to do that again, never.
4.    I went to chapel and chai.
5.    I got home and immediately left for a primary school in the valley.
6.    The ride was long.
7.    I saw the computer center.  I saw kids learning inside.
8.    I saw kids learn to change their desktop backgrounds.
9.    I saw 70 kids in one classroom (made of cement with no electricity).  They had one teacher.  Read that sentence again.
10.    I saw all the other classrooms—same situation.  5 kids to a three person bench, 3 kids to a book.
11.    I saw the ratings of that school on the government listing of top schools in their district.  This school has moved to #1 primary school (ever since kids started getting lunch!).
12.    I saw that the test scores have GREATLY improved and school days are twice as long (because of food).
13.    I saw 511 kids RUN and push each other to get lunch first.
14.    The headmaster stopped the chaos and told me that Mondays are always like this (they don’t eat over the weekend).
15.    511 kids touched me and asked for my “Support the rabid” office bracelet (I still have it Courtney, cause I couldn’t give it to one kid).
16.    511 kids touched me inside too.
17.    I left.
18.    As we drove I saw 2 little kids in small hats leaving early to bring their families food too (in their little buckets, I guess they saved some for their siblings).
19.    I went to margaret’s house (not the RIT preschool, the woman who drove me).
20.    We ate potatoes, rice and thick African pancake things (who knows the name of these?).
21.    I thanked God for such a balanced lunch.
22.    After getting home, I walked to the market with Teresa (our helper).
23.    Bought her a coke and me one too—which was weird—no pop in forever!
24.    Stepped into a shop filled with the same stuff I already have in my garage.  Told them the story and was released from the pressure of buying things.
25.    Went to get fruits and things and became fast friends with every fruit lady in the market.
26.    Visited moses.
27.    Returned to the market to ask where I can buy a special chair for him.
28.    Explained the US tomato prices to the ladies.
29.    Pancake night.
30.    Meeting with steve and nancy about the centers.


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