moses update

This post is about Moses only—for more information on the whole day, check out my OTHER posting. :D.

What a great little kid.

Moses is getting sick of the maternity ward and wants to be held all the time.  If you do not hold him, he screams. If you do hold him, he will NEVER make a sound at all.  It’s amazing. Lots of kids scream even after you hold them for a minute or two, but he just stares into your eyes as if to say, “where were you all my life when I was crying?”

Today we found out Moses has CP.

He’s never going to walk, and this is really, really bad.  Basically no orphanage is going to take him without a miracle.  It’s hard to explain the difficulty of adoption in Kenya without sharing something that happened recently—a baby was paralyzed from the waist down, and one family here in Kijabe fell in LOVE – wanted to take care of him intheir family.  They went to court 5 times and were turned down every single attempt, even though you’d think itd be easier because he was disabled, since what else can the government do anyways?  As expected, no orphanage would consider him.  Finally, one orphanage allowed him to be transferred there instead of into his new family.

He died two weeks later.

This is a grim post, I know, but the good news is, we hired someone to be with Moses all the time, so there’s not a new person holding him regularly.

Any ideas for other names? We cannot keep the name we’re using as of now-every kid who was abandoned has it.

As I played with him today, he decided to throw up on my legs and arm.  It was disgusting.



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5 responses to “moses update

  1. Josiah – Hebrew – means the Lord saves

  2. Sarah Farmer

    i second the motion for Josiah.

    because my brain doesn’t work enough to be more creative, and because I love that name.

  3. Steph

    i third Josiah

  4. Steph

    or Joshua works too, it means God rescues

  5. Joe Eckstein

    I always liked Joseph myself – “He shall add” referring to God adding or increasing. He’s already added to Moses’ life incredibly by finding good care!

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