finishing 2 months of work in 1 week. (jk).

Never gotten so much done in one day before.  It is because I felt a bit ill probably—I usually overcompensate.

Seriously!  And its only 5:30!

Today I:

•    Visted 4 computer centers in the valley.
•    Created 3 contracts:
o    teachers,
o    schools with centers.
o    schools with lunch programs.
•    Created a “time center is in use” spreadsheet. (so theyre never sitting idle and empty or without students).
•    Created a go-live checklist (needs additions).
•    Wrote a  job description for lucy’s new web content position.
•    Mapped our information architecture and what has to appear where.
•    Took photos of teachers and videos of students.
•    Created a volunteer position (plea).
o    We need a video about computers.  See other posts.

I also:

Tried to cheer up ben by showing my morocco movie and making him a get better card with mirror only backwards writing.

Bought peas because we were attacked by vendors.

Talked to the watchman for ½ an hour and promised to go visit his home and talk to his confused child.

Wrote the document I am working on now.s

Made an avocado sandwich.

Shook hands with hundreds of Kenyans. (this is fun).

p.s. after writing this i spent an evening with timothy our engineer with bruce for the computer centers.  we banged out over 20 pages of documentation. then i emailed things to steve and checked  the end.



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2 responses to “finishing 2 months of work in 1 week. (jk).

  1. Robert Chandler

    This is so amazing – your productivity is truly remarkable, in some difficult circumstances. I hope your health improves and you discover a reservoir of energy for tomorrow. Best wishes to you and those you are aiding.

  2. Joe Eckstein

    Impressive young padawan!

    Now go rest up for the big game tomorrow! (j/k)

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