it was bad.

today we hiked up the most unsafe passage on the planet. ill upload photos later if i can.  i got more dirty than ive been in my entire 23 years.

today started great- working from 8-11 on the website.  we left for the waterfalls a few (several?) miles off campus with water bottles, cookies and hopes of seeing monkeys and waterfalls.  we started with about 6 people and ended up with two–myself and miss sarah crockett, queen of the wild frontier–no seriously.

she led us up a cliff and when we tried to use the trail, we realized the entire mountain had been burned up by kenyans who wanted to make and sell fresh charcoal.  also the waterfalls had dried up entirely.

we decided to go on.

dont ask me what we were actually planning on doing about returning.

now, the mountain started to shift.  turns out we really can move the mountains. it was all charcoal.  it was HOT and it was quicksandy.

Crockett sunk into the magma, er…charcoal and…wearing sandels, screamed in pain at her newly burnt ankles.

i screamed too, becuase i was falling in/off the mountain.

we were also quite lost in the wilderness.

honestly it was pretty scary.


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