old posting.

Im alive!

This week my phone gave up calling anyone (nothing happened to it, but I can now only receive calls).

Also my internet stopped working with the celttel modem courtesy of Isaac.

I forgave him quickly because I was worried for him (scary story below).

Going to Nairobi with a friend is not what you expect. Timothy and I planned to go to town 10:30-or 11. I talked to the guards at the gate for an hr and timothy showed up around 12 something (I shouldve known). We worked the entire way to Nairobi on the manual.

Henry and Isaac met me in town (got dropped off) and we went to OIL LIBYA gas station (suppodly free wireless!) that’s where, against my will, Isaac changed my settings and destroyed my configuration even though I said DON’T APPLY IT!.

We had a GREAT meeting and I handed money to henry to get chickens and chicken houses. I can post more later on what exactly is going on there. Isaac and I walked around for a minute since my ride said he was winding up (3:45).

Here’s where it gets really interesting.

I had decided to not call jo and ken since I was in town a couple hours only (ken would be at the embassy and jo is in Uganda). While we walked I heard what could only be Ken’s voice, “BECCA?!” . He was driving by. I jumped in his SUV with Isaac and we went to the holiday inn for his meeting.

We killed time, Isaac and i. for EVER and ever and with no idea of when it would be time to go. Around 8 I got nervous since its not safe to be out late and all I knew from timothy = “ it’s not going well, the thing is not running!” CLICK.

He finally called, we got a matatu to UCHUMI and I met timothy for a fun nigihttime trip back to kijabe again.

Isaac asked about a ride but I told him to get a matatu (complete other direction).

He called later telling me robbers had attacked him and told him they were mungiki (remember my posts last year about terror/people who chop heads off, etc.?) He asked “do you have a gun? Cause if you don’t, I’m going to kill you all”. Then Isaac hit one (kicked one?) in the face and the guy screamed.

Isaac walked out of the circle of 4 men and said “if anyone follows me, I’ll kill him.” So he got away computer intact, money and all. Black belts are useful especially here around the ganstas.

He was still rattled when he called me and I was going to yell at him as I had just realized he ruined the internet settings…but who could yell at a freaked out person who was mugged BECAUSE he was out late on the other side of the city to help out a friend?


Now—ive gotten a TON done the past couple days on the manual. A TON.

Its not JUST because I didn’t have the internet. I also visited a LOT of schools. Took a lot of pictures and saw a lot of smiley well fed little faces.

Today something terrible happened to me.

I found my way as usual around the guards trail (aka morning destruction of my body up killer hill and its little friends). I was hot and showered. Then timothy finally was available so I decided to walk over to bruce’s house where the centers are sitting ready to be deployed.

We did photos, dimensions, etc. it was like we were crazy people. Then I left (rather hungry at almost 2 and ready to get home to drink/consume SOMETHING. I was moving (without my knowledge) into legally blonde mode because of dehydration.

I couldn’t rationalize walking by the hospital and not stopping to see little moses in his new bed.

His new room is sad—he’s at the far end and the three kids before him are the type you see on commercials—really awful physical problems, enlarged skulls, etc. Lots of tears and sadness in there, but theyre working on keeping every single kid comfortable.

Moses was not crying and looks great. I met Grace, who we are paying to stay with him 24/7. Awesome time for a little while together, then I said seeya later and took off for the peifer’s.

I got home feeling like I could die of thirst (though I did drink water) and hunger.

Then I realized I didn’t have my laptop.

:::ive been trying to back it up for a bit and I normally email myself the important things but I didn’t have internet and I’d been thinking about how dangerous it is to carry the macbook around.

Its hard to explain how detailed the manual already is. It’s the coolest thing ive written I my life.

I won’t lie—after I called the hospital and heard “you left a computer? On moses’ bed?” and was told one moment please…and they didn’t return for over 10 minutes and I decided to give up on the phone strategy.. and steve said “no don’t tell them! just go there!” I hung up the telephone and RAN off campus again and into the ward and there it was.

And I shed a tear for my own stupidity. And I asked God why he made me a weird brain but praised him all the way home in my heart.

Cause that doesn’t really end so well for most people who just leave their laptops places.

Uh in other news—ive met a few friends but its been slow going for me. Weird. Tomorrow I am teaching at 9AM (Saturday!) for two hours, hiking from 11 til dinnertime, then who knows whats going on.

Sunday might be town or it might be taking a motorcycle down the valley to a friend’s home (the watchman mentioned previously).


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