He knows how to give good gifts to us.

Today started with a bang, continued with a bang bang and finished with a pow pow pow!

Note: two days before had been really really difficult and I emailed dad a “im a basketcase” email.

We went to the hospital and gave out toys to crippled kids who are getting treated there.

We sang and did balloons (keep it in the air) and had fun. Then church was outside at RVA: baptism. It was amazing. AMAZING. Kids giving testimonies about how they were raised Christian but didn’t even know Jesus until He blew their worldviews apart during the past year or so. Every single one was so encouraging.

THEN WE WENT TO SEE JARS OF CLAY. It was about 6 bucks. Note: JOC is my fav band of all time so far. Contenders but not quite as awesome: ratatat, phil keaggy, Julia marie, Jason mraz?

Isaac saved the day in getting us awesome seats (3 of us to two seats) and we watched probably 9 bands/dance troupes perform. I was getting ready to scream something when this guy started playing piano and I said “lets go up front to the FIRST row (metal crowd-barrish blockade thing in front of the stage) and wait for JOC to come out finally.”

So we did. And the guard let us do it. I pretended to take photos while jars took the stage and started. I could almost touch them if I wanted.

Then the guard asked, “you through taking photos yet?” and I said yes I suppose and he said then come here (and pulled me BACKSTAGE (well, behind the crowd metal thing).

So now im as close as you can get and snapping away happily as they introduce the associate director of BloodWaterMission (you remember they dig wells, and I used to raise money for them a little bit).

I tried and tried to contact her and was def freaking her out a bit until finally I snuck back behind the place I was in, and before the guard grabbed me, I gave her my email and he let me talk to her for a minute.

“do you have internships or any way I can be of service to the ministry? I’ve checked the website faithfully since it started and there are never openings… ” we chatted about her and I and I left. I left the building. Walking on air.


I hear someone say “rebecca!” and it’s Jena, running out of the convention center. She’s told jars she met me, and they want to meet me too (im not making it up).

I brought all my friends (like 10 people) in and we met every member. Pictures, me telling Charlie his dad was my dentist…..We had to leave before they had to leave. It was fantastic. I said “bye Charlie!” and as I walked away he came over and said, “Ill tell my dad I met one of his patients in Kenya.”

Then we got my favorite food in the world – (comments)?

Here’s the deal when working for and with our God. He is hilarious. There is nothing that would’ve made me more excited than what happened today. It was a mix of ministry, encouragement and total insanity. Now-there are bad days, but at the end of a bad day I can say, “Man. Today was bad! But God knows about it”. And there’s treats, and I can say, “he knew! And he threw a becca-specific treat my way”!…

If I did not know God, bad days would still be there. And at the end, there would be little comfort.

And treats would be there. “oh sweet!” but there wouldn’t be the EXTRA warmish huggy feeling of “man, God knew exactly how to spoil me today”. knowing he knows and plans things perfectly is actually cooler than seeing the whole thing.

Downsides: ditching Isaac because we had to leave and not saying bye to him at all. Having to listen to a man in a gold suit do a set where he kept yelling, “im gonna take your ear like mike Tyson” again and again and neverstopping..



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5 responses to “He knows how to give good gifts to us.

  1. dad

    Rejoice in the Lord always, and again, I say, Rejoice!

    Wow, Becca, I have been thanking God that He is able to care for you, protect you and love you far better than I am. Even in the ‘tough days’, ‘basketcase’ moment, He had me praying the truth that He is able to help and very involved. Yet, His answer to our cries has been ‘more than we could ask or imagine’. What a great HUG!

    Enjoy the rest of this leg of your life’s adventure.

  2. That is tooo cool. How awesome.

    Guess who’s gonna be at TFH Sat night? Phil Keaggy! I’ll think of you.

  3. Robert Chandler

    This is a great story and I understand your enthusiasm. Your conclusions about God’s role in coincidences (or ‘synchronicities’) certainly strikes a chord with me. I am writing a book right now, largely inspired by such awareness :)!

    If I remember accurately, Jars of Clay has direct roots to my Alma Mater, McQuaid High School.. so I am among their legion of fans for several reasons and I’m so happy for you that you got to meet them, Becca. I’m sure they all feel lucky to have met you, too!

    Many more “treats” are ahead for you. Don’t forget to look to the sky in the next two nights……….(I’m being intentionally vague, but let me know if you see anything that constitutes a particular message!)

  4. whattt!!! i don b’live…wish i wasnt working ggggrrrrrr!!
    totally cool!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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