of hyena attacks and love letters to…?

title today is catchy, is it not? did it lure you in?

now you’re reading my posting and that’s really awesome.

ive been documenting the snot out of these centers. my brain is ready to explode because of sheer information residing in it.

i’ve also done odd jobs like answering emails from a reporter who wants to do an article on the capstone.

i had been run walking the guard trail. its like an oval on the side of a mountain. no matter what you do its up down up down or down up down up.

i decided the road to the highway (about 5 km?), though uphill, is great for me cause a.) i can keep pushing myself to go farther because home is not around and b.) the way home is all downhill and not up at all!

šŸ™‚ then today i was banned from runwalking it cause a hyena attacked and i guess the drought is making all the wildlife really hungry.

so for now i have to go with people or not go at all.


back to the guard trail.

today i listened to leonard ravenhill while hikin, til kev called. (that was awesome).

he said that books (esp his) are awesome but not a replacement for God’s word. he had other examples of not bad things…it’s all coming back to me as i type.

“Satan wont tempt you to go get plastered (my own word for it) up the street and cause big problems”, he will tempt you to go play cards all night with your church friends. evil is not the enemy of best. good is the enemy of best”.

he said do you want to allow a stranger to write your love letters to God? read books and sing hymns but dont let another write your own love letters to God.

imagine if your husband gave you the best one ever-so romantic————-and you exclaim “HONEY! its perfect!” and he’s like oh i didnt write it.

learning a lot about humility, rest, revival and repentance. and im leaning a lot. nothing to do with v8-just, some things are harder here than they are for me in ROC. i miss home but love my new family…love the work i am now documenting and the adventure. pray for me if you think to, and send requests my way. God hears, right?

let us show extreme persistence.



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2 responses to “of hyena attacks and love letters to…?

  1. Dad

    Extreme persistence… a Godly quality indeed. Who is more long-suffering and persistent than the Everlasting Father. I like it. And, with extreme persistence, let us show the most noble of all aspects of Godly character, love.

    Please avoid all hungry wildlife, especially in packs. We all miss you.

  2. thats me there …sad ..i keep asking what happened to me where did the best go ….i remained with good šŸ˜¦

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