weekend wanderings

The past two days were eye opening.  Beautiful, tragic, creepy, funny, tiring, dirty, yummy, weird, scary, relaxing and demanding.

Friday night I hung out with lori and Courtney and we a) made m and m chocolate chip cookies after club night (in other words, the 1st graders had made dough and we baked the rest of it), b.) used homemade hot fudge on ice cream cookie sundaes and c.) watched home edition and behind the scenes with ty pennington (FUN).

Saturday I made the mistake of getting up and running around 6 to make up for the awesome dessert and get ready for a day in nairobi/mwiki.  I went 15 times (some jogging some not at all) around the track, grabbed a shower and left for town with steve and nancy.  Took a creeeeepy matatu to mwiki with a guy who kept asking me for something with his eyebrows and creepy weirdo hand—wins an award for creepiest matatu passenger so far.

“I like you!  I like that1 I like you like that!  That’s how I like it!” these are the words I get yelled at me if I don’t bring Isaac along in mwiki—or dan/ramon.

As always, it took hours to get to mwiki, I arrived, had tea and visited chickens and orphans.

Most kids in Kenya who have been orphaned live with their grandmothers.  I didn’t realize til this weekend what that really means.

More on that later.  After lunch at henrys, I dropped over to the Saturday program—all the ladies bring their kids (who play) and study the bible/talk about how things are currently going.  Everybody was getting ready to go see the chickens!  It was fun, I gave candy, they sang, I prayed, I left. Didn’t wanna distract from their plans.  It’s not good for me to be around a lot.  This needs to be their project.

Anyways, I went ot ken and jo’s covered in a layer of filth.  I was REMARKABLY dirty.
No power. For hours.  So we played smelly settlers and wondered how we could bake the apple cake jo had already started.

When the power came on, I readied myself for a wonderful shower, but it went back off quickly.  Finally I got a great shower and took a long time to make my feet NOT blackened.  This is getting rather detailed. New topics!

We had dinner with anna and ruth (friends/other ngo workers) then went to serena for salsa dancing.  Then the tiredness hit me.  LIKE A TRAIN IT HIT ME.  I cannot remember being so tired in my life unless jetlagged.  You know the, “my eyes will NOT stay open for more than a few seconds, im falling aszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…” Jo and I took a taxi back to the apartment and I fell asleep even though people were outside partying loudly.  I was OUT.  Jo and Ken are so hospitable.  They’re always welcoming, always fun, always sweet and always knowing better than I (especially when I know I am falling asleep and have seriously got to get back into their guestroom bed. ) :D.
Slept in, made fruit salad, went to church (great sermon on God’s promises) and came home to more apple cake and more settlers games  then I watched a dvd (after ken and jo had to go) called “a grandmothers tribe”.  I only got to watch 20 minutes (it’s an hour long) but it was captivating.  Perfectly represents our mwiki community group and it’s NOT at all boring!

I walked to a nearby college, read THE SHACK and waited for my ride (RVA music teacher) to finish up inside the music competition. So I sat under the trees listening to classical music and it was pleasant.

God has been faithful—so far I’ve not taken a matatu to kijabe that starts in Nairobi—which is something that invokes serious thankfulness in me.



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  1. Dad

    I will praise God again tonight when I pray that you have not been on that matatu to kijabe. Love you and the appreciate the angels God sends for your care.

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