4 orphans

1)  Name                      James Kiarie
    Sex                             Male
    Year of Birth              2000    9 years
    Class 2009                 Std 3

Parents .  Shadrack Gathogo and Hannah Wanjiru
 Died of HIV & AIDS in 2002 and 2003

Likes    – Football, pushing wheel and Hide and seek game

Very Good in school and attends Sunday school.
 Currently staying with the grandmother

2) Name                         Loise Wambui
  Sex                               Female
  Year of Birth                 1999     10 years
  Class 2009                   std 4

Parent.  Salome Wanjiku    (Single parent)
Died in a road accident

Likes     -Ball games, cleaning and hide and seek game

Good in school and in Sunday school
Currently staying with the grandmother

3)Name                  Marcos Mutahi
 Sex                           Male
 Year of Birth            2005  3.5 years
Class 2006                  Not yet in school

Parent.  Lucy Wanjiru  (single parent)
Died of Liver cancer

Jovial and interacts very well with his age mates.
Staying with the grandmother

4) Name                     Sharon Njeri
 Sex                            Female
Year of Birth              1998       12 years
Class 2009                 std 5

Parent.   Esther Muthoni  (single parent)
Died of HIV & AIDS in  the year 2000

Very active child in school, at home and in church.
Likes singing, ball games and helping her grand mother when not in
She portrays the qualities of a leader.
Staying with the grandmother.



<p>2 still need sponsors. 12 bucks a month.</p>


henry wrote the report and is going to be communicating for the kids so you can keep in touch!



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4 responses to “4 orphans

  1. Robert Chandler

    Hi Becca. I hope you are well and safe. We agreed that I am one of your sponsors, right? Just want to be sure you know I am committed and grateful for the opportunity. Let me know what the next step is, whenever you are prepared.
    Best wishes always,
    Bob C

  2. wonderfull work Beck! eternal blessings

  3. Barbara


    Brad and I will sponsor one of these kids.
    You choose which one and let us know, do we just donate on your site or some other way.

    Love and pray for you in Montana

  4. Christi

    Hey Becca, I would love to sponsor one of these kids. Just let me know what I need to do. Hope you’re having a blast, and I know you are doing a world of good over there.

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