Tabitha takes the SAT

If you can think of an organization, college, person, etc…who could help, please email me at!


Tabitha is a young Kenyan woman who is 20 years old. Her father was killed in some tribal clashes some 10-12 years ago. Her mother had 3 small children to raise–and defaulted into the world’s oldest profession for women–prostitution. She had another child who is now 6 and also contracted HIV. She now has AIDS, but thanks to ARV’s is doing remarkably well. Tabitha is the backbone of the family often caring for both her younger sister, Joy and her mother, when her mother gets sick.

Tabitha is the middle child of the older three. Friends of Steve and Nan have taken her under their wing since she was about 12. They have enabled her to go to secondary school and have employed her to help in their home. They also keep an eye on her mother. Not only did she graduate as number one in her class, but she has such a gentle, caring heart and a strong faith in God.  

Her desire is to become a doctor and minister here in her home country of Kenya. Recently we helped her take the SAT exam to see if her dreams were realistic. She performed well and we have contacted some US schools to see if they could help a student like Tabitha. The most promising lead is a small school in Asheville, NC called Warren Wilson College. She could study nursing there with an eye towards eventually going on to medical school. Their total fees (tuition, room, and board) are $30,000 per year and they are willing to pay $20,000. We have someone else who has $3000 to offer.


in other words, she is still 7K short–but we’re soo close to doing it!


I recommended Roberts for nursing, but do not have any connections there.  Ideas? donations?  She got higher than most people on her SAT’s (and it was her first time taking the exam, AND she had to go through a kenyan system. she’s gotta be really really smart and IS really really sweet.).


She’s never asked for anything in terms of going to the States–which is one reason I am so excited to help contact people, raise the small remaining amount, etc.  Can you think of someone who might be interested?


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