the weekend.

This weekend I spent Saturday doing some hiking with Charlene and Courtney. I got to talk to my dad a little, see Isaac (who brought the package jo had for me in Nairobi from my friends in ROC), skate with the kiddos at the bball court, then hang out at night.

It was nice.  Sunday, Henry jumped on a matatu all the way from mwiki and I met him after spending 830-10 at the kids hospital doing Sunday school and hitting balloons in the air.

We went to church, had an amazing cafeteria dinner and started wordpress 101.  Henry is learning to become manager of our wordpress website—

A lot has changed since we started the project a year or so ago.  We’ve narrowed down the women involved to the neediest ones—single moms and grammas only are working with our chickens and applying for sponsorship.

Currently we’ve got three kids sponsored and need one more sponsor for little james.  In the long term, we hope to have 10.  That’s a good number because Henry will be visiting the places to assure that the food we give is being used properly (not sold or something) and to see what other needs are presented.  It’s 12 dollars per month to sponsor a kid—and 70% is going towards meals and things they’ve never had before or rarely see, like milk and vegetables.  30% is saved for medical emergencies, and other surprises.  Any more than 10 will be too much for Henry, who works 40 hours a week and has 4 kiddos of his own.

So really–when you sponsor a kid, you sponsor a family.  Its exciting.  Pray for us as we explore options for getting money to henry after I am in the USA.  Thanks!

Now that College Day is finished, Steve and I will get to meet about KKC things.  Yay.  The manual is nearing completion but I feel like a lot remains  today I am teaching an English class then going to a prayer thing, then preparing to teach steve something.  :D.  he wants to learn to use imovie—which is going to deeply benefit the organization.


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