Sorry for the intermission being a week or so.  Here’s “the rest of the story”.

The bus spent so long backing up that it was nearing 6:40 by the time we got to “the main road” back to kijabe (50 minutes from kijabe).  It gets dark here at seven.

it’s scary getting left in the middle of the day at that place because matatus don’t stop there.  It’s like a highway, and the vans come pre-filled from naivasha towards nairobi.  We stood in the pitch darkness trying to get anyone to stop for us.

It’s hard–explaining the situation.  Our other option would’ve been to spend the night at hippo camp with no sleeping bags (tank tops) so Courtney was way against it (had to get back in the morning for Sunday school.  Ive never seen a more committed Sunday school teacher in my life!).

So in 15 minutes of terror, one woman stopped.  She stopped on the other side of the road to yell, “IT IS NOT SAFE!!!”  and drive off.  We got really really worried.

I decided we’d run for the other side, and at least go towards naivasha (away from home).  We stood on the other side for a bit and i taped courtney singing “where are all the matatus” nervously.  we got in a minimatatu (its like a big van but really clown carrish.)…..the men in the back spilled alcohol on me.  we made it to naivasha.  we avoided following a dude “to the other bus station”, not believing there was one (smart!) but then discovered there really was, so we went there to catch a matatu back towards kijabe again.

Timothy rescused us when we got dropped at the top of the hill.  I’ve never been in a scarier, more dark place than the top of our hill at night and were left 100 yards off by the side of the road.  it’s hard to tell where the road begins/ends, so when we ran across to our side, i just kept screaaming “I DONTWANT TO DIE! I DONT WANT TO DIE! WHERE IS THE ROAD!  WHERE DOES THE SIDE END?! GET IN THE DITCH GET IN THE DITCH!”.  so we jumped in the ditch and a truck drove by.

everything was fine once timothy came in his car to get us.  now–i blame our choice to go with a school group i guess.  but they had said theyd leave crater lake by 3-4.  i cannot control freak skinny road incidents or having to drive backwards!  i got lectured, but to this day i believe i am not reckless but rather attractive of dangerous trouble.

sigh.  yesterday was safer–after workin all week, i spent the day at “sopa”- a lodge in naivasha (got a ride with friends there).

it has a pool and animals. saw hippos. yay.


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One response to “Continued

  1. Joe Eckstein

    well, you’re alive, and you deserve your matatu(sp?) merit badge now! – Joe

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