Posts have recently been LENGHTY. i apologize.


1.) We are battling gnats in the kitchen! cause of old roses. once we discovered the RAID, things are better. Poor people who do not have raid, it’s so gross for them and it’s one more thing for me to be thankful for.

2.) Henry is doing an AMAZING job on his website at .  it’s AMAZING how fast he learned wordpress!  I am happy as a teacher and as someone who now doesnt have to write the content!

3.) I have been watching 3 kids for 5-6 days–the first few nights were a little rough, but recently, things are just dance parties and fun.  it’s tiring but we love each other and it’s a fun break from compouter work when we play/cook omelets/do other things.

4.) i leave the land of fast internet (kijabe ironically) on wednesday for eldoret-visiting a friend who is there.  first time on a small 45 minute plane ride and i am excited to see northern kenya.  will be tricky to get online after, until i am in india next wednesday or so.

5.) My job currently consists of:

finishing the manual

working on documetnation for RVA’s business office

managing 3-5 websites

finding sponsors for 20 kids

raising money to build a school in a slum (scary situation)

crafting plans for the summer (this is taking the most time i think currently)

crafting plans for 3 other ministry teams’ summers

awesome project that involves starting a bakery


.i love you all and thanks for reading (sorry it’s sometimes lengthy!).


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