breakdowns, sushi and dangerous mammals.

I need to write myself my own lonnnng blog post to remember the past blurry week of events–but not bore you all with the details.

here’s the deal though:

a.) wrapped up kijabe. last night on the mountain tonight with courtney. bittersweet. last week the peifers left.  i finished pizza partying and babysitting twins.

b.) spent time in kisumu (9 hrs away) all week with IGM/Patrick Garrett. was rad. enlightening. relaxing. frustrating. hot. dangerously close to no flight home. beautiful. fun.

c.) uhh..broke down in a car on the side of the road, bridge, curve, hill, no headlights. and saw hippos in the wild on lake victoria. beautiful.  hot.

d.)  beautiful few hours at the pitts’ house.  mooched (sadly). sushi, movie, mom and dad time and met with henry and okon.  productive, lovely, saw friends.

e.)  got my computer so dirty at a computer center in the valley.  got left there for hours (3 hours african time,  = 9 hours?).


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