Prayer request

Hi guys.  Something so awful it hurts happened today.  Prayer request.

I have a lot to write but I’ll keep this posting short.

Today when i got my bag from the airport, my laptop (which had been buried inside in its case) was gone.

on it was:

over 10,000 photos of my trips around the planet.

8500 or so songs.

My own songs i wrote/recorded.

All my personal journals that i never posted on my website.

All my documents (writing samples) and school projects that could be useful.

Dozens of still-pertinent school documents and research records to put into my thesis–which remains unstarted besides the computer center document.

All my photos of the computer centers.

The sheet of all the dimensions — in a fancy time consuming table.

Movies hannah and i created.

The document about solar powered computer centers (90 pages).

One friend may be able to send me the latest copy of the computer center document (my baby for two months now)…but that’s if he’s not deleted it yet. The hardest thing for me is the photos and writing–old class stuff and my music.  And i have a LOT of work and no way to do it.

im a little heartbroken, thinking about what a nasty way it was for Kenya to say goodbye to me.  God has plans we do not know, as he always has.  Please pray for me–i’m disappointed and sad, to say the least, confused and disheartened a bit.

:(.  please pray for whoever took it to find the computerizedbible or something.

thanks for the prayers–ill be in india almost 2 weeks. is this what it takes for God to have me take a break finally? hoping not.  no one believes me anyways so no one wants to pray (april fools).  It’s sadly not a great prank.



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4 responses to “Prayer request

  1. Tim Peterson

    Wow. I’m sorry to hear that. I’ve lost files before, though not on that scale. God can bring it back if he wants to… but if not, he allowed it to happen because he knows you can recover from it. I’ll pray for you.

    I’m somewhat of a computer wizard, so let me know if you need help with anything.

  2. That’s sad Becca, I feel bad that it happened. When I travel I never, ever leave my laptop or anything else I can’t live without in checked baggage, it’s always one of my carry-ons. My untrusting nature has kept me theft-free so far…oops, I just tempted fate.

  3. Sarah

    Oh Gosh, I’m so sorry. I am praying that you will be filled with the peace of the Lord and that this opportunity will allow the Lord to work in your life like crazy! I can’t wait to see you!

  4. Barbara


    Things happen in our lives that seem totally unimaginable, impossible to overcome, unredeemable. But we know down deep that God allows stuff we can’t understand to bring us closer to Him, to rely more on Him. (You know we speak from experience, not head knowledge.)
    Brad & I are praying and He can return it all. Nothing is impossible to overcome, unredeemable with Him and He can imagine anything.
    He can always make a way where there seems no way.
    Take this time to rest in Him, because you can’t work on all that stuff.

    B & B

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