going to goa to get a dose of dosas?

I went to Goa (on the coast) over the weekend.  It was a spring breakish sorta fling with three girls–Camille, Becka and Laura–total blast.

We stayed at a weird hotel, but had ac!  and it was on the water–amazing.  People sold me lots of stuff i didnt need, (i always fall for the guilt trip and especially the kids selling stuff).

Lying there, reading, swimming, soaking in the 100 degree heat and eating pineapple made me thankful to be on God’s team.  Not that he treats us all this way 24/7, but it was a nice break from work.  Today i spent the day “couch surfing” to make a backup plan for our dubai journey on saturday.

It could get mighty pricy if Ankica (my dear friend who i cannot wait to see) is deported before we arrive.

Please pray for micah and i to be safe, smart and thrifty!  :).  I am going to smell funky when i get home–it’s all indian food, all the time!  i love india so far–so colorful and camille is so hospitable.  the week is filled with bollywood plans, mysore train excursions, wildlife, temples and indian mcdonalds.  But it’s hot. so hot it makes me want to cry.  :).  sorry rochesterians!


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  1. Becca 2

    Dear! I am so sorry to hear your computer got stolen. Is India like “Slumdog Millionaire”? When are you coming home?

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