From Goa to Mysore to Bangalore–India certainly hasnt ceased to amaze me.

I would sum up this week with the following lessons–some are funny and some are a bit deeper.

1.) Indian food does NOT get old–too hot to walk, too cheap and delicious not to eat— = 10 lb. weight gain i bet you.

2.)  Indian trains are not as romantic as they are sometimes anticipated to be.

3.)  I have my own idols that i sacrifice things to, but these are less obvious or physical. I return to give time and attention to things that dont deserve it all the time.

4.) Hindu people seem to go all out to give their gods beautiful things more than i do–i give time, and begrudgingly give my money, but i want to bring God the best — like they do with things like jasmine flowers and whatnot. tricky to explain this one but ask me about it.

5.)  It gets expensive to sacrifice things to idols. I think less people would be in poverty if people a.) killed rats and b.) stopped sacrificing money to gods and bought grains.

6.) I despise honking — loud honking gets so old–it’s ok when i’m far off or even if it’s loud and im trying to sleep (its ok!) but when im right there and theyre constantly honking at me…it’s up there on my list with back sweat and trying to open cd cases.

7.)  Camille is a tough cookie and godly person i admire. You should see her learning urdu and galavanting around.  It’ll be easier to ask God to help her now.

i learned a LOT of other things too…but ask me about it if you get a chance!  Tomorrow i depart for dubai–to see ankica!  I am excited.  So is Micah–cant wai to see the kid.


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  1. Hey Rebecca…
    I just read the online article about you from the RIT website. Your project sounds AWESOME! I am a 2007 graduate of RIT also and I spent 4 months volunteering in Kenya after graduation. I’ve been back in the states working at a graphic design firm for the past year or so. I am going back to Kenya in June for a month, then looking for a way to combine by design degree with Africa, the third world, or anything socially responsible. It sounds like you’re in India right now…what are you doing there? So sorry to hear about your computer in the airport…that’s heart breaking! You can check out my site (www.thirdworldvirtues.com) to learn more about my trip. I would be so happy to get involved with what you are doing, if you need anything let me know. I’d love to share experiences…I’m still figuring out my itinerary for June too so if you’ve got any suggestions let me know.

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