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Itinerary: For those who are interested!

Lot going on:

tomorrow–get to cleveland (in the air?) leave at 2PM
arrive 5:30 in cleveland.
Go back to sleep in Galion.
June 1:  Monday–drive galion OH to council bluffs iowa
June 2:  Tuesday-drive council bluffs iowa to Denver, CO.
June 3:  Wednesday: Unpack, see Barbara and Mike, Kristin Dwyer
June 4:  Thursday:  Pikes Peak–CO. Bible study w/Kristin?
June 5:  Friday: Noon flight to Jackson, spend night at CouchSurfers house.
June 6:  Saturday: Ride with Steph back up to Lake Hotelish area–Meet Barbara and Brad at either hotel or West YellowStone entrance for drive up to Montana.
June 7:  Sunday: Worship/Present? at church in Ennis, MT.  Visit.
June 8: Monday: Hang out in Ennis, MT. Yay for Barbara not working!
June 9: Tuesday: Drive to West Yellowstone or Gardiner or Lake Hotel to meet Steph.
June 10: Wednesday:  Yellowstone/Steph Dunn and hanging out.
June 11: Thursday: Yellowstone/Steph Dunn and Hanging out.
June 12:  Friday: Yellowstone/Steph Dunn and Hanging out.
9AM flight through Minneapolis to LaGuardia. Meet Justin.
June 13: Saturday: Harvest Crusade at 7PM–hang out during day on LI?
June 14: Sunday: Pancake Breakfast at Justins church.  Harvest Crusade at 6PM.
June 15: Monday: Chill, then leave for Washington DC (or VA beach, whatever we wanna do first.)
June 15-21st:
Stay with Chelsea, Richard, Nick Shayko and Carlo (or 1-2 of these) in DC and see Pandas, museums, national things.  See Chris Hicks.  See Claire?
Stay with Dan G. and maybe visit Coventry’s.  (BJ/Adrianne).  BEACH.
Come back UP to NYC/Long island by Saturday the 20th.
Florida???  cheap to go from NYC.  or just come home via train or bus.
free on the 20th and in nyc–home of cheap fares.  wanna go someplace else with me or should i come back home to rochester for a bit?  :).
p.s. i watched fievel goes west last night since im going west.
it was NOT as i remembered.  “give em the laaaazy eye!”.

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the karate kick

Ladies will understand what i mean when I talk about a specific look some men will give when you walk into a hardware store or a car shop or something.  It’s like a creepy 1/2 smile of “arent you a pretty, young, stupid thing and you’re here alone—maybe i can rip you off while trying to get your number all at the same time”!

now, im not used to this–i’m attractive to people in other countries cause there’s a novelty involved or something (being white) but here, there’s usually “hotter” (i hate that word too) girls to hit on who LOOK like they might be won over by the auto mechanics (up to 3 at a time in my experience).

So i was surprised when i received this look from not one but TWO (BOTH) men at the car inspection place the other day.

They finally started laughing when i came to the desk, and one said, “we loved the karate kick you just did on your car”.

:::note::: if your car shocks you when you touch the metal part of the door (EVERY TIME) and you are wearing running clothes which seem to make the shock worse and about to leave the car and go running…use the window to close the door—do NOT kick it closed with your sneakers on.::::

Me: “oh that?  yeah..uh, i didnt wanna get shocked and i hate my car anyways.”

Them:  “OH MAN!  IT WAS JUST SO FUNNY hee hee WE’VE NEVER SEEN ANYhheeheeeTHING like THAT hee.”

Me: yep!  hate my car.  needs to pass inspection though.

Them (1): “i can help you with that today if you have an hour or so.”

Me: “how much is that?”

:::looks at Them (2):::


now it wasnt that funny at all, but i think it made not only their day but their WEEK.  they were sad to see me run off (so when i came back an hour later they hadnt started work on my car).  it was impossible to rip me off on the inspection, but they managed to keep me there 1/2 the day.

BUT the car DID get inspected.  funny story #2: probably something about babysitting the other day or trying to get to bushnells basin and ending up in honeyoye falls.

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dominoes everywhere!

My friend Alexander helped make this video that’s been one of the top ones flying around the internet and on Digg, and who doesn’t like to watch dominoes falling???

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no time for culture shock.

the past few days involved mad work on my project.  this involves polishing up a 100 page document and starting a 30 page report and preparing tomorrow night’s presentation.

during breaks I:

job search

write thanks to sponsors for the kiddos


finish up other Africa-stuff: aka the website, the new school building, the oven for teresa, the marketing plan for KKC and other things..

get my eyes or teeth or other body parts to their specific doctors’ for checkups.

get my car fixed.

car shop

plan the roadtrip if it even happens–who knows.

if you live somewhere in the usa and would like me to visit for a night–even in montana or oregon..let me know and ill try to get you in there!  id love to see you if youre still reading my blog–it shows great love and determination.


its been busy–i wish my may involved more lilacs, but it can all change.  in other news, i will very soon have all the photos and stories of our kiddos up on the website so you can pick one and sponsor him or her.  One (lilian) is ridiculously cute–they all are—it’s wrong to have favorites but appearance wise, she is disturbingly adorable.


Her mom had twins and couldnt support both so she tried to kill Lilian.  A good Samaritan rescued her but needs a little help lookin after her now (bad economy).  We think 12 bucks a month is going to cover food, medical bills and school uniform when the time comes around. :).


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Tabitha Ndung’u

Some of you all might have read a blog posted i created months ago about Tabitha–a beauuutiful young Kenyan student who managed to take the SAT’s and do really well.

She is a really, really special friend of mine–when i helped her make a video to apply for a warren wilson college scholarship, i went to her house and talked to her in depth and learned a LOT.

Basically, Tabby’s dad is gone, and her mother has AIDS.  Full blown AIDS.  Tabby takes care of her, and has been studying for the SAT’s dilligently…and she works in a house as a “helper” (cleaning/cooking) AND works as the kids’ swahili teacher.  She is wonderwoman (or wondergirl?)—a real superstar—and is getting ready to attend college in the USA.  That’s a bit of a far cry from the one room hut (the size of my bedroom) she and her mother and sister dwell in in kijabe.

Through Warren Wilson and donors, Tabitha’s close to having enough funds to attend college this year—she wants to be a doctor and return to the dangerous rural areas of kenya where no one else really wants to go.  She inspires me already at 20 years old.

If you want to be a part of sending her to school, follow the instructions below?

If it is a direct gift to Tabitha, it is not tax deductible and you can send it to Richard Blomgren at Warren Wilson (see below) and it is refundable if she does not get a visa or attend Warren Wilson. Make that type of check out to Tabitha Ndung’u.

If they want to make a donation to the college to support a new student from Kenya, then it is tax deductible but NOT refundable and would go towards another international student, if Tabitha did not attend the school.

Not my rules – the IRS rules. Make those checks out to Warren Wilson College and send them with an explanation of deductible or non-deductible to :

Richard Blomgren
PO Box 9000
Dean of Admission
Warren Wilson College
Asheville, NC 28815-9000

Any questions about this should go

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Jiggity Jig.


I am in Rochester again.  It’s nice to be home.  I am currently in my pajamas at noon, trying to get a handle on things.  Micah and I arrived home on Thursday and it’s Monday.  I tell myself i’m still jetlagged, but i think overwhelmed is the correct description.

The next month or so involves finishing my project, organizing my stuff, paying taxes (late!), paying RIT, fixing my car, getting a new computer, figuring out what to do (phd, job, etc.), workin on henry’s website, setting up sponsorship for 10 kids, buying a school building, starting a school, saying goodbye to friends, and getting in shape.

I don’t really know which order to start everything–how to…i…i uh…see?

Prayers appreciated.  We’re all busy, so I am nothing special over here in my little neck o the woods–but thought i’d ask. :).  Determining where to go next is a scary thing.  I hope to blog about Dubai–basically i’m short on time currently but it can be summed up as “we were kicked out of our room the first day and had nowhere to live, so we couchsurfed”.  Micah and i became closer friends, we fell in love with people who let us stay in their homes, and we had the time of our lives seeing all seven emirates.

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