Jiggity Jig.


I am in Rochester again.  It’s nice to be home.  I am currently in my pajamas at noon, trying to get a handle on things.  Micah and I arrived home on Thursday and it’s Monday.  I tell myself i’m still jetlagged, but i think overwhelmed is the correct description.

The next month or so involves finishing my project, organizing my stuff, paying taxes (late!), paying RIT, fixing my car, getting a new computer, figuring out what to do (phd, job, etc.), workin on henry’s website, setting up sponsorship for 10 kids, buying a school building, starting a school, saying goodbye to friends, and getting in shape.

I don’t really know which order to start everything–how to…i…i uh…see?

Prayers appreciated.  We’re all busy, so I am nothing special over here in my little neck o the woods–but thought i’d ask. :).  Determining where to go next is a scary thing.  I hope to blog about Dubai–basically i’m short on time currently but it can be summed up as “we were kicked out of our room the first day and had nowhere to live, so we couchsurfed”.  Micah and i became closer friends, we fell in love with people who let us stay in their homes, and we had the time of our lives seeing all seven emirates.


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  1. I love that you are home. praying 🙂

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