Tabitha Ndung’u

Some of you all might have read a blog posted i created months ago about Tabitha–a beauuutiful young Kenyan student who managed to take the SAT’s and do really well.

She is a really, really special friend of mine–when i helped her make a video to apply for a warren wilson college scholarship, i went to her house and talked to her in depth and learned a LOT.

Basically, Tabby’s dad is gone, and her mother has AIDS.  Full blown AIDS.  Tabby takes care of her, and has been studying for the SAT’s dilligently…and she works in a house as a “helper” (cleaning/cooking) AND works as the kids’ swahili teacher.  She is wonderwoman (or wondergirl?)—a real superstar—and is getting ready to attend college in the USA.  That’s a bit of a far cry from the one room hut (the size of my bedroom) she and her mother and sister dwell in in kijabe.

Through Warren Wilson and donors, Tabitha’s close to having enough funds to attend college this year—she wants to be a doctor and return to the dangerous rural areas of kenya where no one else really wants to go.  She inspires me already at 20 years old.

If you want to be a part of sending her to school, follow the instructions below?

If it is a direct gift to Tabitha, it is not tax deductible and you can send it to Richard Blomgren at Warren Wilson (see below) and it is refundable if she does not get a visa or attend Warren Wilson. Make that type of check out to Tabitha Ndung’u.

If they want to make a donation to the college to support a new student from Kenya, then it is tax deductible but NOT refundable and would go towards another international student, if Tabitha did not attend the school.

Not my rules – the IRS rules. Make those checks out to Warren Wilson College and send them with an explanation of deductible or non-deductible to :

Richard Blomgren
PO Box 9000
Dean of Admission
Warren Wilson College
Asheville, NC 28815-9000

Any questions about this should go


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