no time for culture shock.

the past few days involved mad work on my project.  this involves polishing up a 100 page document and starting a 30 page report and preparing tomorrow night’s presentation.

during breaks I:

job search

write thanks to sponsors for the kiddos


finish up other Africa-stuff: aka the website, the new school building, the oven for teresa, the marketing plan for KKC and other things..

get my eyes or teeth or other body parts to their specific doctors’ for checkups.

get my car fixed.

car shop

plan the roadtrip if it even happens–who knows.

if you live somewhere in the usa and would like me to visit for a night–even in montana or oregon..let me know and ill try to get you in there!  id love to see you if youre still reading my blog–it shows great love and determination.


its been busy–i wish my may involved more lilacs, but it can all change.  in other news, i will very soon have all the photos and stories of our kiddos up on the website so you can pick one and sponsor him or her.  One (lilian) is ridiculously cute–they all are—it’s wrong to have favorites but appearance wise, she is disturbingly adorable.


Her mom had twins and couldnt support both so she tried to kill Lilian.  A good Samaritan rescued her but needs a little help lookin after her now (bad economy).  We think 12 bucks a month is going to cover food, medical bills and school uniform when the time comes around. :).



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2 responses to “no time for culture shock.

  1. Barbara

    Montana says come anytime you can. Our lilacs haven’t bloomed yet.
    If I have some lead time I can get the time off of work.
    Brad says he’ll quit reading if you don’t come.

    Love & prayers,

  2. Jon Hutton

    I’d love to have you visit us in Baltimore. We’ve got a house with a guest bedroom that has a view of Camden Yards.

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