the karate kick

Ladies will understand what i mean when I talk about a specific look some men will give when you walk into a hardware store or a car shop or something.  It’s like a creepy 1/2 smile of “arent you a pretty, young, stupid thing and you’re here alone—maybe i can rip you off while trying to get your number all at the same time”!

now, im not used to this–i’m attractive to people in other countries cause there’s a novelty involved or something (being white) but here, there’s usually “hotter” (i hate that word too) girls to hit on who LOOK like they might be won over by the auto mechanics (up to 3 at a time in my experience).

So i was surprised when i received this look from not one but TWO (BOTH) men at the car inspection place the other day.

They finally started laughing when i came to the desk, and one said, “we loved the karate kick you just did on your car”.

:::note::: if your car shocks you when you touch the metal part of the door (EVERY TIME) and you are wearing running clothes which seem to make the shock worse and about to leave the car and go running…use the window to close the door—do NOT kick it closed with your sneakers on.::::

Me: “oh that?  yeah..uh, i didnt wanna get shocked and i hate my car anyways.”

Them:  “OH MAN!  IT WAS JUST SO FUNNY hee hee WE’VE NEVER SEEN ANYhheeheeeTHING like THAT hee.”

Me: yep!  hate my car.  needs to pass inspection though.

Them (1): “i can help you with that today if you have an hour or so.”

Me: “how much is that?”

:::looks at Them (2):::


now it wasnt that funny at all, but i think it made not only their day but their WEEK.  they were sad to see me run off (so when i came back an hour later they hadnt started work on my car).  it was impossible to rip me off on the inspection, but they managed to keep me there 1/2 the day.

BUT the car DID get inspected.  funny story #2: probably something about babysitting the other day or trying to get to bushnells basin and ending up in honeyoye falls.


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