Itinerary: For those who are interested!

Lot going on:

tomorrow–get to cleveland (in the air?) leave at 2PM
arrive 5:30 in cleveland.
Go back to sleep in Galion.
June 1:  Monday–drive galion OH to council bluffs iowa
June 2:  Tuesday-drive council bluffs iowa to Denver, CO.
June 3:  Wednesday: Unpack, see Barbara and Mike, Kristin Dwyer
June 4:  Thursday:  Pikes Peak–CO. Bible study w/Kristin?
June 5:  Friday: Noon flight to Jackson, spend night at CouchSurfers house.
June 6:  Saturday: Ride with Steph back up to Lake Hotelish area–Meet Barbara and Brad at either hotel or West YellowStone entrance for drive up to Montana.
June 7:  Sunday: Worship/Present? at church in Ennis, MT.  Visit.
June 8: Monday: Hang out in Ennis, MT. Yay for Barbara not working!
June 9: Tuesday: Drive to West Yellowstone or Gardiner or Lake Hotel to meet Steph.
June 10: Wednesday:  Yellowstone/Steph Dunn and hanging out.
June 11: Thursday: Yellowstone/Steph Dunn and Hanging out.
June 12:  Friday: Yellowstone/Steph Dunn and Hanging out.
9AM flight through Minneapolis to LaGuardia. Meet Justin.
June 13: Saturday: Harvest Crusade at 7PM–hang out during day on LI?
June 14: Sunday: Pancake Breakfast at Justins church.  Harvest Crusade at 6PM.
June 15: Monday: Chill, then leave for Washington DC (or VA beach, whatever we wanna do first.)
June 15-21st:
Stay with Chelsea, Richard, Nick Shayko and Carlo (or 1-2 of these) in DC and see Pandas, museums, national things.  See Chris Hicks.  See Claire?
Stay with Dan G. and maybe visit Coventry’s.  (BJ/Adrianne).  BEACH.
Come back UP to NYC/Long island by Saturday the 20th.
Florida???  cheap to go from NYC.  or just come home via train or bus.
free on the 20th and in nyc–home of cheap fares.  wanna go someplace else with me or should i come back home to rochester for a bit?  :).
p.s. i watched fievel goes west last night since im going west.
it was NOT as i remembered.  “give em the laaaazy eye!”.

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