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back in the R-O-C-H.


im home.  after montana, colorado, wyoming, dc, long island, and places in between, i’m back.  for a short, limited time.  gotta get my life in order and get rid of 5/6s of my belongings, (want me to give you things?), find an apartment, and hang out with friends and family before i move away to the beautiful city of history and harbors, boston.

DC with my family was fun.  it involved (not enough but some) time with dad, sister dates, seeing friends, museums (marine corps, natural history, etc.), movies (i was sick), waffles (best breakfasts ever at the marriott hotel, dont get me started)..rediscovering chik-fil-a, recovering from the flu, long drives and already planning to return south.

caleb and han didnt like seeing museums like dad and i do.  but we still got to see stuff anyways. it was overall quite fun and relaxing for all.  i wish my dad had more time to travel even further with me–it sounds like a month is too short a time to get my life in order before moving to boston, but really, theres not THAT much to do…well, we’ll might be one of those things that as you get more stuff ready, do more paperwork and prepare more boxes, you realize you have 100 times more stuff to do than previously anticipated.  :D.

im still in need of a dorchester apartment, if anyone knows anyone!  i’d love to be within walking distance of my workplace.  muahaha.  how great would that be though, seriously?  :D.

still organizing stuff around family focus foundation–we need a few more sponsors now.  anyone?  bueller? :D.


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swine flu and tigger too!

ok, not really tigger too.

where did we leave off?  ah yes.  from yellowstone national park.

I DID go to long island and saw delirious, uhm jars of clay, lacrae, POD and kutless, plus greg laurie preach to gazillions of people.  it was fun, esp hanging out with jeff, shijo and justin. it is always nice hanging out with jdogs family, esp at his sisters soccer game with a crossword puzzle or two.  it was a weekend of crazy flights and dashing through airports, circling in the air, bad luggage problems, amazing italian ice, church, pancakes and packing.

Justin and i left monday for baltimore, got lost in the ghetto and stuck in traffic but had a great drive otherwise.  we stayed with katy hutton in their ADORABLE house.  we saw kate and her bf greg and her sister becky, and got italian.  we talked about the office with katy and slept, then got breakfast at kate’s in the am and walked around (couldnt get in the science museum for free sadly though) the entire harbor, etc.  rich wagner showed up and hung out and we drove back to dc to start seein the sites.

lets just say justin got to see DC all right.  id seen it before but it never gets old.  name something, we saw it.  monuments, museums, etc..was fun. except tuesday night i scored my first in a million years FEVER.  we watched the mummy (id never seen it before amazingly enough) and i could feel myself getting sicker and colder.

the next day we trekked around just as much, zoo–museums, etc…with chelsea and carlo and rich and friends!  fun.  but stupid.  too sick. i knew i was sick but later when i took my temperature it was uh…103.5..!  we stayed at chelseas and i still dominated in scrabble slam over the course of the night/evening–chelsea was sweet and let me sleep in at her place and hide the key someplace so we could take our time leaving.

got checked out and tested positive for influenza a.  the only strain of that thats super pandemic in ny now is n1h1 aka swine flu.

so i tested positive.  makes sense, ive never felt so sick in my life. justin took off for home — (who could blame him?) he has work monday and i was no fun.  i stayed with rich.  this was awesome.  we watched movies, ate soup, tried to get better. i think im on the mend.  got  a little inhaler thing. do NOT get this nasty disease.  it is terrible.

my fam is likely coming tomorrow to hang out in dc.  maybe ill get to see more now that im not sick.  i was in a daze all week and now i just hope no one else gets sick from hanging out with me a bit.  :).  man. tonight we stopped t the park for music and there were more people than ive ever seen in a park before in my life so far.  amazing. im at chelseas and will pick berries with her tomorrrow if im not really sick as i am today–still.

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check this action out, all!

So this road trip has been 99% fun, and 33% effective use of time at night to work on communicating Family Focus Foundation to others.  If you comment and correct my math, I’ll not appreciate it.  i know, ok?  i know–it’s wrong!  but i’m just telling it like it is.

Some of you know that i only require like…4-5 hours a night of sleep.  So while my friends are sleeping, I am working!  Look how much better our website is now!

as you can see there, we still have 7 or so kids who need sponsors to be better taken care of–they mostly live with their grandmothers or some other guardians, and need better nutrition and school supplies (we can provide it at 12 bucks a month).

please feel free to email if you see a kiddo God puts on your heart to support or you just feel like supporting there.  It’s cool cause you’d get to email back and forth with them–and hey!  be sure to check out our new brochure at:


p.s.  please pray for me?  a.) i am having a nice time visiting people but am still managing the work in kenya–basically we sent money for the new builidng and i woke up to the worst email ever today from Pastor Samuel about the status of the school.  b.) i miss my family and didnt realize i’d be moving to Boston so soon–it’s new to me to be gone a full year and I leave end of July!  c.) my heart’s just a little broken for these kids and i need to find a balance between guilt/love/support/prayer/fundraising.

below: makes me cry. emphasis added.

dear becca,
i on behalf of the school,we are really very greatful about you and what you doing in the ministry of Gods word.
you know we lost the first building,somebody came and bought it before we could have money to buy it and it is now a business place.the other one we found again was just a plot costing 200,000,legal fee 20,000 and puting a structure-80,000.building the structure we would do it ourselves,that was the minimum evaluation done by ds oure without putting the labour charge and the money for the skilled carpenter.
we will try to give the photos of the building or the school.the school is still has the ten kids,we are only struggling to give them something to eat and sometimes they going without anything.
God bless you.ds told me that don has approved the proposal he said soon we are going to have the money and buy the plot and build it as quick as possible.
rev.samuel dindi

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where in the world is Becca Nelson?

Saturday and Sunday night: Harvest Crusade.

Monday night = Baltimore. (katys!)

Tuesday night = Carlos! (Crystal City, DC).

Wednesday night = Chelseas! (DC).

Thursday night = Dan’s! (VA beach).

Friday night = if you live in Baltimore, DC or Philly and want to house me for a night–i need a couch because justin’s leaving me somewhere to wait for my dad to pick me up so i can go……..
Saturday BACK TO DC!  Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday i am back in DC with my family seeing the pandas and the sights i never saw w/Justin.  And the friends i missed the first week time around for only a couple days, have a chance to see me now–we’ll be staying in a hotel and you can call me to meet up at 5857974216.

:D.  phewph!  then i go home.  ive got a lot to do before i move July 25th or so.

hope to see you all in dc.  woo woo.


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1.) I am moving to Boston, Massachusetts for 1 year.

2.) There are 6-8 kids left to sponsor for 12 bucks a month on our website:  please check out their little profiles and pray about sponsoring one?  thanks!

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I am in Yellowstone National Park.

I am in yellowstone national park, and tonight I went to a disco.  Seriously!  It’s fun staying with the employees–aka STEPH DUNN.  She seems to be loving it here and it’s absolutely beautiful.

I actually showed up at Steph’s on Friday night after spending the day with her in Jackson Hole and driving to Idaho just to say we did it.  We slept, spent the day seeing animals and geysers (see facebook albums?) and missing old faithful twice, but getting to see it in the end.  I love love love hanging out with her and am trying to convince her to relocate back to where I live.

The past three nights were spent in Ennis Montana at the home of Brad and Barbara Bradshaw, my second pair of adopted parents I met in Israel.  Saturday night we hung out in the cold and drove back to Ennis, ate hot clam chowder and talked.  Sunday was church–I gave a presentation about the kids in Kenya who i work with and the church donated 400 USD towards the school we are buying in Kenya!  :D.  We had lunch, then hung out, took a walk, met Jim (their son!) and played music…

Monday Barb and I had GIRLTIME that involved drives, “nearly new” (i wasnt prepared for the snowy weather!) and VISITS to friends.  I met an awesome family that told me more about the VICTORIAN BALL that happens in Virginia City every summer in june and august for the community.  it looks so fun–i got to try on dresses with corsets (ow!) and hoop skirts that were a total blast.

we had a beautiful dinner, watched john wayne and had one of the best desserts ever during “McClintock.”..

Today we drove more and visited Gerry, (she loves horses and intercessory prayer!) picked up Margot, my new friend in Ennis, and enjoyed a HUUGE brunch of armenian food at her house as a big surprise…got coffee in west yellowstone and saw animals, got lost in the park on my way back to steph.

::side notes:::

1.) it was great to have GIRL time with barbara and margot.  barbaras missed it since her daughter’s been gone, and i remind both of “becky”.  not too much, just the right amount.  we had fun singing fiddler on the roof and seven brides for seven brothers”.

2.) i told the lady who loves prayer about steph living in yellowstone with no friends who knew Jesus and no church at all around.  for some reason she said “ill pray for her.  and when i say ill pray i mean ill pray for her”.

a couple hours later, steph saw a flier for a church that meets minutes away this sunday and neither of us could believe it.

:::end side notes, back to the real deal writing again:::

Then we hugged gbye.–margot, barbara and i.  I went IMMEDIATELY hiking with steph and friends at a beautiful place with marmots running around and rocks on the lake and a small stream…then we hung on the rocks 30 minutes and came back to FRESH bear tracks where we’d JUST been a minute ago!

we got pizza and got ready for disco night (hair straightener and makeup!)…it was a little crazy for me, but i drank diet coke and had the greatest movees on the floor, right steph?  muahaha.  i liked the q tip, making the pizzas and my special clapping dance.  oh and michael flatley. we played my fav game, where i mimick someone elses dance moves and steph guesses who i am imitating.

i am really really going to miss brad and barb–really really–we had the greatest time together being silly and talking about deeper things.  i am trying to get back there (i feel like i missed out my whole life so far on the west!) and maybe even as soon as the month of august or something (for the victorian ball i can come back and dance and dress up and and and!)

missing you all and plannin the next adventures, so let me know if you’re interested in a visit!  im about to be pinned down for a year or so.

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